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The 5 major pitfalls that cause e-courses to fail & what to do about it so that yours can be a total success

Hey there! Are you ready to package your message into an e-course and sell it around the world? I believe that you are willing to do the work, show up, help people, and build your [...]

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Learn what’s all the fuss about a sales funnel and how you can make $15,000+ a month with one!

I remember bring stressed, frazzled, overwhelmed and scared when I started my business. So I take a lot of pride in setting an example (not just for my online community) but for my friends and [...]

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Lifestyle Solopreneur Interview

Hey everyone! Exciting update. I was interviewed by my friend Flavia Berys on her iTunes business podcast show. Please check out my episode and let me know what you think!! It was a lot of fun [...]

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Must know branding tips

Hey! Today is "Fun Friday" in my home...which pretty much means that I have decided to do something fun every single Friday. To be honest, I found myself only focusing on my trips when I [...]

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Spending $30k in ads this year taught me this….

No matter how your business is doing, this is a new day to grow it exponentially. And as you know, one of my favorite ways to grow my business is via Facebook ads. I love [...]

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Top 3 Myths About Creating & Selling E-courses That Can Hurt Your Business

It’s no secret that I loooove creating and selling e-courses. Especially those that sell while I sleep! Knowing that everyone has a purpose in life that they need to fulfill, I get really excited about [...]

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