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Did they copy your course idea?

My phone was losing battery power by the second, the deadline was approaching, I was hungry, and then it hit me.... This is normal! Wait what?! That's right! Crazy things happen when you are building [...]

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How to prep your business NOW for the holidays

Not that I'm counting or anything but there are 95 days until Christmas! 😉 Is your business ready? Most people tend to react to the holidays. You know what I mean...they slash their prices and [...]

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Trainings Galore

We can agree that the more you learn, the more you earn. To earn faster than not, it's best to learn specific strategies that are going to help you attract your ideal customers, close more [...]

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How to fill up your webinars with hundreds of your ideal customers who want and need your programs

Tired of preparing for days to have the perfect slides only to speak to crickets when no one shows up? It's no secret that thanks to promoting my business via webinars has allowed me to: -travel [...]

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Sell your top packages via webinars

Ever wonder what it takes to make sales in your sleep? Are you scratching your head as to how successful online marketers like myself can make so many sales without picking up the phone? Here's [...]

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Tired of your 1/2 finished e-course? Get inspired to complete it now!

Remember the day when you had that great idea, you wrote it down, and started creating the content to go with it. You were so excited about your upcoming e-course that you decided to start [...]

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