How To Monetize Your Blog Without Sponsors- Like A Boss

Ever wondered how the heck people make a living blogging about what they are passionate about? Blogging can be a great outlet to share your message with the world, build an online community, and change lives. A blog allows you to share videos, images, and your valuable content. Many times, bloggers are so successful that […]

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Why people will buy from YOU

Hey there! There are many reasons you can give people to buy from you but the reality is that there is only ONE real reason why people will buy from you. People join people not companies. The most unique offering your business has and ever will have is YOU. Think about it. Did people invest […]

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Be happier and more successful

Happy Monday! After a long past couple of weeks filled with events and galas, I feel refreshed and ready to crush more goals. Aside from spending a summer in the Dominican Republic or watching dolphins swim past while I coach clients, I have found many other ways to have fun while building my business. This […]

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