How Katherine Sullivan Did it

If you’re like me and you like to learn from the success of others, this How She Did It series is for you. The purpose of this series is to give you access and insights to female entrepreneurs who in 8 brief answers will let you learn from their businesses and mindset. Today’s guest is a lady boss […]

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Will people buy anything if you just teach for free?

I’m just sitting here in awe that I still have a voice after yesterday! Between talking with my husband, coaching clients in Mexico + Norway, and hosting a webinar…. I had a busy and fulfilling day yesterday. Obviously, I must run to the hair salon today and get a little pampering to celebrate. But I […]

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Show Up Already

Hey there, It’s not hard to see that the world is hurting when you turn on the news or talk to people who are hungry to be happy or fulfilled. That is where you come in. The only way to eliminate darkness is with light. When people can’t find their own light or don’t allow […]

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