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We're hiring!!

Did you hear the good news? Team Harris is expanding and we are looking for driven, organized, and qualified people to join us!

We are a boutique consulting firm that seeks to educate people around the world on how to build an online business that helps them make their dreams come true via our digital courses in both Spanish & English.

We have helped so many people along the way that we now need an extra pair of hands to make it happen.

Check out what the job entails below and if it sounds like you, keep reading to learn how to apply by our November 30th deadline.

  • Manage social media campaigns (must be very familiar and competent with Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube, & Instagram)
  • Edit and create marketing photos (basic graphic design skills)
  • Edit and create marketing videos
  • Set Up webinars (must be familiar with Getresponse and Webinarjam)
  • Customer service in both Spanish & English
  • Web development: general tech support, wordpress crm management, setting up sales pages (must be familiar with OptimizePress), integrating payment processors, info product setup (must be familiar with Digital Access Pass)
  • Misc tasks include: follow up with clients, scheduling, event planning, research, content calendars, organization, bookkeeping, managing other vendors and freelance workers as needed, making travel arrangements, attending live webinars and supporting customers, and more much more.

Who you would be working directly with:

Meet the Founder, Ilean Harris
Meet the Founder, Ilean HarrisChief Lady Boss
Ilean Harris is an award-winning coach that trains entrepreneurs around the world how to turn what their know into a thriving expert business online.

Get all the juicy details before you apply here:

We believe in working smart and given that this is a small business with a global impact, we take adding someone to our team very seriously. In other words, we are seeking to welcome someone to our work family, embrace the skills they bring to the table, and give them the tools they need to succeed in the role they will play on our team. Please read the following carefully to see if this is right for you. We will go over these points in detail during the interview process.
  • Responsible individual that does not need micro-managing to get things done.
  • Someone who is receptive to feedback. Even if you did something well, we want to work with someone who strives for excellence and has the wisdom to handle feedback with grace.
  • A kind spirit. We work with many entrepreneurs who need our training to help them grow their businesses. Sometimes they might have a bad day. We need you to respectfully help them and support them as needed.
  • We need someone who is flexible. Things can be unpredictable in business. We need someone who can be a team player.
  • We are seeking someone who can prioritize tasks and manage their own time. We must be able to trust that you will focus at home and will complete your work with excellence by your given deadlines.
Although working with a boutique firm like ours is a lot of fun, there are certain things that you can expect. Read them carefully to see if this opportunity is right for you:

  • Weekly tasks will be emailed the Friday before to help you manage your time for the upcoming week.
  • Weekly team meetings will be held on regular weeks and daily team meetings during very busy launches.
  • Most of our communication will be using a team software where we can track your progress on any given tasks.
  • We will determine an agreed upon schedule for your availability for customer support.
  • Many tasks will be routine and will have consistent due dates each week (editing blogs, creating graphics, setting up webinars, etc). 
This position is for someone who is seeking to support us in achieving our goals. Here is some clarification on what this position is NOT:

  • An opportunity to get free coaching and constantly ask to be taught how to build your own business. It is inevitable to learn from watching us and grow as a result. We hope you get much out of it but have a very tight schedule and need your focus to be on the tasks at hand.
  • A chance to boost your brand or increase your visibility. This position is 100% behind the scenes. If you are looking to be more prominent, this is not for you.
  • A chance to make a percentage of sales. This position will be compensated with an hourly rate and not a commission from the sales. If you are looking on becoming an affiliate or having us promote your products, this is not the way to achieve that.
  • This is not an internship to learn all of the requested skills. While we are prepared to train you as needed, we expect you to come with an acceptable level of competence from the beginning.
Our experience has taught us that teams that share similar values are more successful. Check out what we stand for:

  • We believe that you can have it all- faith, family, and business. While you won't be teaching people how to do so yourself in this position, we hope that you agree with our vision and strive for excellence when supporting us in helping others achieve their dreams.
  • We believe in the value of integrity. We want someone who is honest with us, our customers, and goes out of their way to help us build a company that serves the community to the best of their ability.
  • We do not believe in busy work. We want to work with someone who finds the most effective and efficient ways to complete their tasks. We will value that you complete projects with little to no errors in a swift manner. Instead of cutting your hours like others might, we will reward you, motivate you, and open doors for you to grow with our company as your excellence increases.
  • We value our privacy. If hired you will sign a non-disclosure and a non-compete agreement. While we are very open about how our business model works, we want our clients to know that their information and coaching notes will also be kept confidential.
  • We believing in having a personal life. Although working remotely, you will not be expected to work 24/7 or be chained to your computer. We will work around an agreed upon schedule that works for everyone.
  • We believe in learning and growth. At times we may ask you to read a book or complete an e-course to boost your skills. We will value what you bring to the table and when appropriate will help you along your journey of growth.

We believe in having it all! If that & all the details of this position sound good to you, we want to get to know you.

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If you have read this page and think that you are the best fit for our team, apply now!

The last day to apply is November 30th, 2016 at midnight PST. We look forward to hearing from you!
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