This post is all about 5 ways you can repurpose one video.

There are many people who struggle with deciding what to post and when. With so many platforms it can get tricky to decide where you are going to spend your time.

That is why in this post I am going to share with you how I create ONE video and share it in 5 different platforms so that work I did once can help me grow my business over and over again.

You certainly can focus on just one platform. For instance, some people are doing amazing on Instagram and don’t post as much on Youtube.

My rationale is that if you are doing amazing on Instagram, you can take those same images and add them to Pinterest.

It doesn’t mean you need to spend 100s of hours on Pinterest now. But if the work is already completed, you might as well share it everywhere.

The same goes for a video. Short video content is king right now. I personally find it fun to create and want others to kick back and laugh with me a little on several platforms.

Here is what I do to repurpose ONE video I create and use it FIVE different ways:

I create a short and vertical video where I educate, entertain, and/or help my ideal audience.

I am not trying to go viral (not opposed to it but simply not putting that pressure on myself). Instead, I know that if I help at least ONE person, it was worth it.

Once the video is recorded, I make sure to share it on 5 different platforms.

I break it down for you here:

Afterwards I post my video on:

  • Youtube Shorts
  • Pinterest Idea Pins
  • Tik Tok
  • Instagram Reels
  • Facebook Reels (personal profile)

Here is an example of a funny (no-pressure) Instagram reel I created to have fun with my audience, increase engagement, and remind them that I am not a robot that only talks about funnels:

Here is an example of how I used the exact same topic on this blog post and not only repurposed the video but I also repurposed the topic. ONE headline/topic led to an email to my subscribers, a blog post, a Youtube video, a reel, and more:

Now 1 minute or less of recording allows me to be consistent across platforms.

It is quite easy to do and with a little planning you can position yourself in multiple platforms to attract your ideal clients, build your brand awareness, and more!

How to use one minute videos to your advantage on social media:

These short videos are funny in many cases, helpful, and obviously come and go quickly.

So what is the point of creating them?

For one, if you love what you do, it will never feel like work. But even when you love what you do, you never want to waste your time.

So here are some things to consider as to why this can be a great addition to your business:

  • You can have a call to action at the end and ask people to follow you or support your page
  • You can attract your ideal clients
  • You can position yourself as an expert in your field simply by adding value
  • You can keep engagement high on your page so that when it comes time to launch, you are already on the “good side” of the algorithm (which can be moody)
  • You can have fun
  • Showcase your speaking skills and personality via video in a way that cannot be shown via an image
  • Stand out from the millions of people who are not creating video because of a number of reasons
  • Don’t just show what you know, but you can also show how much you care
  • If you have a digital asset or an on demand workshop in your bio that you can promote to those who want to learn more, you can generate sales rather than just having more followers

I can’t wait to see what content you share on social media!

Feel free to tag me so that I can support you too!


You can have it all!