Ever feel like you are running out of content to share with your followers?

Sharing content consistently can help you:

  • increase your visibility
  • attract new clients
  • build trust
  • demonstrate your credibility in your niche
  • make a difference in your online community by helping your tribe

Often there is so much to do in a business that entrepreneurs forget to work on their business and strategize.

That is why I have compiled this great list of 52 topics that experts can share with their following.

I recommend using them as a guide and not as a ceiling of what you can share with your online peeps.

The order in which you share the content will vary based on your expertise, consistency, and timeliness for your audience.

Be sure to add the topics you choose to write about to your calendar and set a deadline for yourself.

Imagine that you are a professional publisher that has to release content no matter what.

This will help you avoid being a perfectionist and obsessing over any one particular post.

Remember you can always go back and revamp your content or adapt it as needed.

In a year, you will have 52 posts that you created!! Which means that you can repurpose one post a week and create a new post weekly the following year. Thus, doubling your content!

With so many articles, value, and engagement your ideal clients won’t doubt that you know what you are talking about and that you take your business very seriously.

As promised, here is a great list of 52 blog post topics for experts in any industry to share with their following:

  1. Your story of struggle
  2. Your story of triumph
  3. What you believe (what drives your business)
  4. Why do you do what you do
  5. How are you different?
  6. Top mistakes to avoid
  7. 5 tips to succeed
  8. Case study
  9. Book review
  10. How to…
  11. Top list of resources
  12. Top experts to follow in _____ field
  13. Top events to attend
  14. Client success story
  15. Interview of expert (video)
  16. Interview of expert (written)
  17. I asked 10 experts (insert question) and they said..
  18. Video training (webinar replay)
  19. News- What’s new in your industry?
  20. Holiday sensitive post
  21. Common myths dispelled
  22. Best books to read
  23. Social media contest
  24. 7 day challenge
  25. How to overcome (specific) challenge
  26. Best solution for (XYZ problem of your ideal audience)
  27. Personal update (Did you travel? How did it go?)
  28. Personal story with relevant lesson for audience
  29. Leadership topic
  30. Inspirational story
  31. Movie (relevant to your audience) review
  32. Top podcasts in your niche
  33. Reveal a secret
  34. Special blog post with links to your top blog posts (Great reference for your audience of your best content)
  35. Motivation to keep going
  36. Your framework (4 steps to…)
  37. Time management in your niche
  38. Ted talks in your niche
  39. The first step to….
  40. An open letter to….
  41. My biggest regret
  42. Warning
  43. What everyone needs to know before they…
  44. How to ____ that you can be proud of
  45. Discover how to ____ quickly
  46. 100 ways to ____
  47. Top trends in ____
  48. What you learned from a role model
  49. Product review
  50. What most people finding challenging about….
  51. Goal setting
  52. Top lessons learned this past year

Happy creating!