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Online Sales Expert

An award winning marketer with customers in over 20+ countries and over 100,000 email subscribers, Ilean is a sought after trainer, speaker, and marketer whose energy and passion will motivate you to live your best life now!

Ilean Harris trains top influencers on how to automate a converting webinar or digital asset to generate leads and make sales in their sleep. She is a contributor, coaches clients in 20+ countries, and has successful niche businesses in the Latino market.

Ready to build your business from your laptop
without actually throwing it out the window out of frustration?

WARNING: Learning my proven systems to market yourself online may lead to making sales in your sleep, packed out webinars with thousands of attendees, sold out programs, invitations to speaking engagements, and a range of unplanned vacations to beautiful locations.

Is that exactly what you were looking for and don’t want to waste another second without my proven strategies to crush it online?

You see I’m super passionate about showing people step-by-step what is working in my business.

That’s right. The reason why I am an online marketing coach to some of the top influencers online, TV personalities, corporate executives, retired professional athletes, top online coaches, and more is because I practice what I preach.

I sell digital products in various niches.

In other words, I’m not only a business coach. I actually own other online businesses outside of my coaching which have allowed me to develop a proven track record and gain valuable insights that you cannot learn at a seminar.

(Just keeping it real.)

By doing so, I can see in real-time what is working so that my clients only get the latest and greatest strategies to grow their online businesses without wanting to throw their computer out the window.

If that sounds good to you, here’s who I am and why I can help you have it all.

My Clients are experts who are ready to leverage the power of the internet to share their message with the world while creating time freedom for themselves:

Does this sound like you?

What Other's are saying...

I went for a meeting and felt so scared to say the price afraid they would not want to coach with me. And then I remembered you and all the things you always say and after I said it “$3000”, the lady was like “ok. No problem!!!” I feel so good and so thankful for all I have learned from you! Then she went home and her husband wants to coach too. I did both for $4500 as they will share the same weekly coaching session. Thank you so much for all you do! I LOVE the Lady Boss Academy SO MUCH!!! To me, it fills in all the gaps that other programs like this don’t have. Just listening to Ilean’s encouraging voice makes me feel like everything is possible.
Helena Bianchi
“I started to use your teachings at the office and I must say that in a month I doubled my income. You are great! Even if it is different than the online business, I took a month to apply what I have learned and it works! Many many thanks! Hugs to you!”
Suzana M
“Ilean Harris you are such a great coach, inspiring, smart, strong and professional lady boss! I am a wife and mother with the goal of running my passion as business and having the quality time I want to spend with my loved ones, and you have giving me the tools to have it all. Your coaching service, courses, advices and overall daily content is such a great guide to keep myself on the right direction. With your guidance I have opened my mind in a huge way. From appreciating my value as a professional to creating smart business decisions that last long term and yes, I make money in my sleep! Thank you so much for your excellent work but more than that for creating a relationship with all of us lady bosses in your network! You are diamond lady boss!”
Stephanie Li
“I am truly, truly, glad I decided to enroll into your paid coaching session. I had all those ideas in my mind, but I didn’t know how or where to start. You helped me materialized my ideas into goals! Your approach to coaching was not just about professional, but you helped me make the best decisions and adopt the best approaches for my business. Your coaching style really helped me to go into the right direction! You listened to my questions, developed my online marketing plan and provided me with my “Lady Boss Strategy”- You guided me through all the steps needed to success and added value into my business! I value your insight and personal attention. Thanks for demonstrating me your expertise-like a boss!”
Alexandra Ramirez
“Ilean you're so great! Every day I make money in my online business and it's because of you!”
Jaden Brink
“She makes the very complicated Facebook Power Editor feel easy and understandable. In the space of a week and a half, I added 100 new names to my email list with a budget of $5 to $10 per day. I finally have a proper understanding of Facebook ads and how to use them for lead generation. This was always a fuzzy area for me but feels clear now. During my 4 weeks of 1 hour coaching calls, I made $400 selling my Brand Your Instagram course purely from Ilean's coaching around sending a well-worded email around the time of Black Friday – something I wouldn't have thought about being based in South Africa were Black Friday's not a big thing. I have to remember that I'm in a global marketplace!”

I had an Instagram course created but no clear plan on how to market it and use webinars to sell it. I can't wait to get selling and implement everything I've learned. Ilean not only spends time with you during the sessions but also does a lot of research in her own time as well as giving clear feedback on how to change copy for sales pages, autoresponders and on your actual webinar slides.

Having one to one feedback and somebody to hold you accountable is invaluable! It's incredible how much you get done in the space of a week when you know you have your coaching call every Monday.
Chanelle Segerius-Bruce
“I absolutely love and respect Ilean as a coach and a friend! Her ability to listen to my needs and help me during the transition of my business was priceless. She didn't try to sell me a “beginners course” of “how to's” or or promise me something she couldn't deliver. (I know what this looks like from personal experience) She has so much valuable knowledge and she's not afraid to share it. She is genuine, and her values aligned right up with mine, so working with her was a no brainier for me. I appreciate that she practices what she preaches… That to me is a true Lady Boss”
Sandi Martin
“I began working with Ilean recently and have been nothing but pleased. Her Lady Boss Academy modules are first rate. Clearly laid out, well organized, with Ilean walking you through step by step the necessary process to succeed, her enthusiasm and passion are contagious. Working at my own pace, without pressure, and also with support, the challenge of developing your own ecourse is so not daunting! If you desire to learn from one of the best, Ilean's Academy is for you. Highly recommended!”
MaryAnn Ehmann
“The professionalism, the care, and the patience that went into what Ilean did for me has been absolutely amazing. Ilean is the ultimate lady boss.”
Kris Wrede
“Working with Ilean has been the best. It’s as if she couldn’t give enough. I’m leaving with knowledge that would’ve taken me years to do on my own. I’m confident now.”
Linda Martin
I’m stubborn, and I don’t like to ask for help. But I am so glad I reached out to Ilean Harris for help with my webinar. Her insights and coaching were phenomenal. With her help, I’ve created the best webinar ever in my 3+ years in my online business. If you need help with creating a webinar, Ilean is your go-to lady!
Staci Ann

My Philosophy

I strongly believe that small businesses should not have a small mindset. While most people build a business and then hope that it helps them live their dreams, I think you should do the opposite. People should design their dream life and then build a business to support it.

That is why I seek to help small business owners create successful strategies that will increase their sales and expand their customer base worldwide~while they make their dreams a reality. I want to help you get your message out there so that you can impact more lives as an expert in your industry while you live a life that most people dream of.

How I can help:

I can help you create an Information Product Business, with my easy to follow system, so that you can create digital courses while you travel the world, host webinars in your pajamas, and/or automate systems so that you can make money in your sleep.

When you make sales in your sleep, sleeping in is good for business.

Why monetize your expertise:

Why become a coach with e-courses now:

**The coaching program is only available via application. Nothing to be nervous about. I just want to make sure that you and I are a good fit working together and that you fully understand how the program works.

There is a lot of training out there claiming to teach you how to create programs that sell in your sleep.

I know because I’ve bought many of them and invested thousand of dollars in my education and personal development.

Not surprisingly, as I found myself launching programs in other niches to over 100,000 subscribers in 40+ countries in both Spanish and English I found that many programs make you an expert in theory.

Ready to make sales in your sleep?
You’ve been trying so hard, for so long, but you’re still not making any real money online..

You’ve been hopping on all the gurus webinars and even though they tell you “it’s so easy” you’re still not making any money in your online business…
You’ve been to seminar after seminar (You know, the ones where they keep telling you to just get your vibration right and money will come to you) and you’re wondering if you’re starting to lose our mind…
You know you can make money online. You see so many people doing it, but you just don’t know why it hasn’t happened for yet…

Come on…you can admit it…this isn’t the first time you’ve looked around for a proven way to jump start your own online success..

When is it finally going to be your turn to be that internet celebrity who everyone wants to be like?

I've been there. That's why I'm going to reveal the truth about turning your passions into a profitable online business!

Hi, I'm Ilean Harris…

and just a few years ago my life changed forever…

I was so sick and tired of a life I hated. I was living in misery, pursuing a career that I thought was going to make me happy, but was really draining the life from my dreams.

As the daughter of immigrant parents, I knew that my parents worked very hard to come from Cuba to the United States to allow me to live the American Dream.

The path to success was laid out for me….

You know what that’s like…..

You go to school, get good grades, and one day you will get a good job.

You can stay at that job for 40+ years and then (if you saved enough money) you can live your dreams.

What else could someone like me strive for?

I don’t know if you can relate to feeling like you are limited in pursuing your dreams but I used to feel like I had to please my parents, church community, and teachers before I ever thought for myself.

But ignoring my desires was starting to catch up with me…..

After years of coming home in tears from long, depressing days in my graduate program, I decided that enough was enough.

I was ready to be happy again and do something that I loved.

At first it was really scary to walk away from a “safe” career as a psychologist.

Good thing I was smart enough to know that there is nothing smart about living a life you hate.

I didn’t know what to do but I knew that I wanted to help people, make a difference, and live life on my terms.

At first, the dream of being my own boss started to become my worst nightmare. Money was hard to come by.

But I was committed to making it work. When I got hungry and couldn’t afford groceries I traded textbooks on for food.

When it looked like I wouldn’t be able to pay my rent I sold my beloved living/dining room sets.

I worked like crazy to crawl out of my situation even when everything seemed to be against me.

I was scared and nervous but I did it anyways.

There was no turning back to my old life. 

If I was going to struggle, I would rather struggle at being successful than at staying unhappy forevermore.

At least by building my business, I had a chance of coming out of the other side and living my dreams.

Thankfully that chance came sooner than I had ever imagined.

I’ll never forget the day when I made my very first online sale ever; Someone in Peru, purchased my e-course…It was $97. I was ELATED!!

In that moment I realized the true power of building an international brand online.

I knew that if I could make one sale….I could make endless more. And I have….

Thanks to my perseverance and commitment to excellence, I have been able to:

Need Help Growing Your Online Coaching Business?

Ready To Get Started? See Details Below!

The first step to working with me is figuring out if we are a good fit together. I’m a lady boss who can help you get results with your online marketing strategy- like a boss.

Where you will get the support you need from a credible coach.

Behind the scenes with Ilean Harris

I have been working as a full time coach and job free for over ten years now.

My husband and I got married in Miami, FL and have not had to say good-bye to each other a single day of our marriage thanks to our online businesses.

Helping others is important to me. Not only do I have the time freedom I desire but I have been able to travel internationally doing mission work.

I can’t imagine another way to get the time freedom and finances to support my dreams without working from home.

I am passionate about working with entrepreneurs to help them achieve their dreams of time and financial freedom.

Here are some fun facts that may not be so obvious when you first meet me:

I love boating/fishing with my dad and cooking big meals for family and friends.
I write everything on paper. EVERYTHING. Eventually it all makes it onto a digital calendar or document.
On the other hand, I have replaced a lot of scrapbooking with my Instagram feed. Some digital progress.
I read 1 book a week. It’s not always a new book but I’m always reading. Readers are leaders!
My dog Bentley, a bichon frise, thinks he is a person and makes cameos on my webinars once in a while (heads up for when you hear a faint bark in the background, you’re not hearing things).
My husband and I have moved each year we have been married to a new location as part of a crazy unplanned adventure. Locations range from Miami Beach to the Dominican Republic to Washington DC.
My husband is from South Africa and my family is Cuban so I am secretly an expert translator at family functions. I even translated my husband’s convo with my dad when he asked for my hand in marriage. I may have added a few things my dad needed/wanted to hear.
If you are ever looking for me when I’m not on an airplane to a last-minute vacation with my husband, I am probably curled up in a blanket reading a book (while blasting the air conditioning because I live in Florida).
But, in full discloser, I also love volunteering and eating all sorts of Latin-flavored foods. If it were up to me I would eat my favorite sweet treat everyday- condensed milk.
OK…it is kind of up to me and I decided that would not be very healthy. LOL! (Good thing I am vegan now)

Thanks again for letting me be a part of your journey. I look forward to getting to know you as well!

~Ilean Harris

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