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Meet Ilean Harris- Motivational Speaker On Leadership, Women's Empowerment, & Culture.

Ilean Harris will invigorate your audience with her first-hand experience of resilience. She candidly shares how she went from the doorstep of homelessness to traveling the world with her husband and living out her dreams. A motivational talk that is sure to inspire your team to think big, work smart, and serve others with passion

Tired of hiring speakers that are simply reading their slides and boring your audience? One of the main reasons that people attend events is to be around like-minded individuals. Your speaker should be no exception. Ilean’s first-hand experience in building a successful business that makes sales in 20+ countries coupled with her passion to succeed will elevate your audience to  perform at new levels.

Ilean’s real world experience in overcoming adversity, building successful businesses, and traveling to over 20 countries gives her a unique perspective so that your audience never gets bored. Her multi-cultural background and successful experiences working with people from around the world will make her the perfect fit to connect with those in your organization. In addition, Ilean’s keynotes are available in both Spanish & English.

You don’t have to settle! You can have both an inspiring and educational keynote that will push your audience to grow in several areas of their life. Ilean’s easy to follow trainings and uplifting stories will educate your group while also helping them grow as individuals so that they can add more value to your organization.

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“She will always overdeliver and never disappoint you“

Get the inspiration & motivation you need to go for your dreams.

“Ilean served as the main speaker of Sisterhood Retreat, a weekend for young adult women of Loma Linda, California. Every one of our ladies fully enjoyed Ilean's , tailored content, presence, spicy joy, humility, and inspiration. If you're wanting someone who will not waste your time and investment, I have known her for over a decade and recommend to you Ilean Harris.”
Shiphrah Fepulea'i
Campus Hill Church in Loma Linda, CA

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Picture taken at Wildfest in the Dominican Republic by: Kersti Niglas

“Working with Ilean Harris was wonderful. She was very flexible, easy to communicate with, and was willing to travel overseas for my event. My audience was just as happy with her. Some participants at our convention even named her the best speaker at the event. Her high energy and positive attitude not only allowed her to have a great impact on the stage but off the stage as well. Ilean made herself available to audience members, answered their questions, and attended two leadership dinners as well. Her high value content and energetic keynote were a valuable addition to my event and will be for yours too. I highly recommend working with Ilean Harris. Both you and your audience will b e glad you did.”
Shahin Pili
Founder of Asian Networkers Convention, Philippines

A mind-blowing experience for your group!

“Lamson Hall staff and students had the amazing opportunity to have Ilean Harris come and speak to us and inspire us! We were incredibly blessed by her words, the thought and energy she put into her messages, as well as how easy it was to connect with her as an individual and woman of God. Students are still talking about it and it's been quite some time since she was here. If we can get her back, we'd definitely accept that opportunity without hesitation. If you are thinking of hiring her for a speaking engagement, you can expect her to be prepared, thoughtful, funny and inspiring. God has used her talent to help others. I pray that she can be a blessing for you too.”
A'Lisa Lashley
Andrews University in Berrien Springs, MI

Strengthen your team with a powerful speaker at your next retreat!

“Ilean Harris asks the right questions to help you discover your worth, rethink and remove limitations and expectations, and empowers you to pursue the life you dream of having! She helped me realize that my past failures do not make me a failure. I didn't even fail at all!! They afforded me the opportunity to pursue endeavors that I am passionate about. Ilean's workshops helped me discover my strengths and ways to use them. She taught me that I CAN have it all, which wasn't something I thought possible. I have been able to remove limitations and see the bigger picture. I can have it all if I'm willing to think outside the box and work hard for the life that I want! I'm so thankful for her training and your groups will be too.”
Hadassa Alexander
Los Angeles, CA

Wow your audience

Topics Available in Both English & Spanish:

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About Ilean Harris

Ilean’s message is simple, “You can have it all”.  In a world where you are pushed to chose between your faith, family, or career, Ilean will give you the tools you need to go for your wildest dreams~ with confidence.

Renowned as a trainer and motivator thanks to her proven success strategies, Ilean has consulted and trained countless coaching clients; from well known tv personalities, NFL athletes, and speakers, to high powered executives and hard working students.

She practices what she preaches as seen in her online empire with customers from over 20 countries. She shares her expertise around the world as a regular contributor to and to over 116,000 subscribers in both Spanish & English via her highly sought after online training programs! And as the President of the Ilean & Matthew Harris Foundation, she works to make entrepreneurial trainings accessible to all!

Work with an expert who can add value to your organization

Proven Expertise
Recognized for her results-driven work, Ilean was recently nominated as a finalist for the Tecla Award for “Best Latino Pinner on Pinterest” & “Best use of integrated social media and digital advertising buy”
International Speaker 
Not only can Ilean communicate with your audience in both Spanish & English, she will teach them how to embrace diversity and work with diverse clientele.
Trusted Leader
Reliable professionalism
Ilean’s vibrant personality and unparalleled commitment to success make her the ideal choice for your next event.

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