One of the biggest concerns I hear people have about creating a digital course is based on the fear that the digital course will not sell.

People are afraid to waste their time on efforts that will not pay off.

Wouldn’t you agree that it is pretty inspiring to work on something you know will give you the results you want?

There are two main ways to determine whether or not your e-course will sell.

The first is to create your e-course and promote it. You will get a lot of feedback from your audience and you will measure the results of your efforts.

Second, you can wait for someone else to create an e-course and wait and see how it goes for them. You can sit back and hope that someone else succeeds with your idea because you were too scared to try it for yourself.

Ideally, you create and sell your e-course.

I strongly believe that there are people out there who need your message and that they will resonate with your story the best.

Even if other people have a “similar” idea to yours, there are people out there who will have success with your work simply because you inspire them or as a result of your teaching style.

Isn’t that awesome?

Different people can teach the exact same thing and both have tremendous success with their e-courses.

Unfortunately, if you haven’t packaged your information to share with the world you take a huge risk.

Not only do you fail the very people who need what you have to offer but you hold yourself back from achieving your goal of creating freedom for yourself while serving others.

Can you see a trend?

Excuses always tend to snowball into something bigger that holds YOU back from reaching your potential.

One reason leads to another and next thing you know you are defending your failure more than you are your dreams.

Stop assuming that your e-course will not sell. Stop assuming that the market is “saturated” and that you will not stand out.

The world needs what you have to offer. The questions remain….. Will you spread your message and share your story with the world? Will you face your fears and put your best work out there?

You decide.

No one can force you into having a better life or helping others. You have to raise your hand and tell the world you want it all and have every intention of having it all.

You decide.

Will your future ring “womp womp” or “cha-ching”??

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You can have it all. Go after it.