Building an online business doing what I love has changed my life and I know that it can change many other lives as well.

That is why I am offering an opportunity for 2 people to become beta testers for my upcoming program the Coaching Apprentice.

The Coaching Apprentice will be an online training program that will teach you how to become a coach, charge your worth, attract your dream clients online, and launch your coaching business like a boss.

Applying to be considered for this program is very easy.

All you have to do is complete the following form:

Look at how much value will be in this course:

Module 1: Choosing who you want to serve.
-How to create a client avatar
-How to build a brand that attracts high paying clients
-How to identify your “zone of genius” & topics you are credible to coach on
-How to create your red velvet rope/ applications to work with you

Module 2: How to structure your coaching programs
-What to include in your coaching packages
-How often to meet with your clients
-Top legal documents to protect yourself and your clients
-The main difference between lower and higher ticket coaching packages
-How to structure 1-on-1 coaching vs group coaching

Module 3: How to price your coaching program to sell
-How much to charge for your coaching
-How to charge your worth
-How to increase your prices when the time is right
-How create high ticket coaching packages

Module 4: How to sell-out your coaching programs without being pushy
-How to have sales conversations like an experienced coach with confidence
-How to turn a social media fan into a paying coaching client
-How to overcome the most common objections (no money, asking spouse, & lack of time)
-How to fill your programs with this easy to implement sales funnel

Printable PDF: The Ultimate Marketing Plan Guide To Help You Launch Your CoachingBusiness

click here to qualify to be a Beta tester

(The chosen participants will be notified via email mid-June 2016)

Thank you for your willingness to participate!