Last week my husband was in the ER due to a small accident. No worries, he is fine now.

I don’t even like to talk about it because I don’t ever want to give negativity any life.

However, I mention it because I think it will help you better understand how I think and what motivates me to serve you.

There are BIG perks to working from home & creating freedom for yourself. The moment I figured out how to make sales in my sleep my life changed forever.

You can agree that having customers in 20+ countries, making sales back-to-back, and having the freedom to work from wherever is pretty awesome.

Yet, many will not do what it takes to make the same happen for their lives because most people are afraid of failing.

I got lucky. I found something that was worth failing for- my family.

Despite having the luxury to travel while I work and host the upcoming Lady Boss Retreat in the Caribbean, I enjoyed the fruits of my labor last week.

I was in the emergency room with my husband the entire time, without being in a rush or having to answer to anyone regarding my whereabouts.

Funny enough, I even had a strategy session with a lady boss while my husband had someone taking his blood pressure.

Talk about flexibility!

I could have cancelled that call. But somehow being on the phone with that person was just as compelling to me as taking care of my husband.

That really opened my eyes to what has made me different from others in the industry and has opened doors for me.

While many people think that making such a lifestyle happen is solely a result of systems and structures I have in place, they are still missing a key component.

No matter what strategies you employ, you still have to serve from the heart.

Think about it…. There are many people who know how to set up systems and structures but do not have a freedom lifestyle.

Having your own business is 30% systems and structures and 70% heart.

The core of being an entrepreneur is solving problems and filling a need in their market.

Now think and reflect. Are you solving problems? Or…. Are you providing an opportunity for people to work with you alone?

At a glance, you might be tempted to think that you can solve problems when they work with you.

That may be true.

However, they should feel that you can help them way before ever working with you.

Expecting people to see how much you care only after they pay you is like saying you will marry anyone because after the wedding they are clearly obligated to be there for you.

Not likely huh?

I encourage you to look at your message and your offerings.

Are you helping others before they work with you?

Are you adding value and demonstrating that the next logical step is to work with you?

If you remember anything I have ever taught you, remember this:

People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.

Care more. Serve more. Succeed more.

Pretty simple formula if you ask me 🙂

Your favorite lady boss,
Ilean Harris