Happy Monday!

After a long past couple of weeks filled with events and galas, I feel refreshed and ready to crush more goals.

Aside from spending a summer in the Dominican Republic or watching dolphins swim past while I coach clients, I have found many other ways to have fun while building my business.

This might sound crazy but it’s true.

Years in business have taught me that if you are not having fun you are not doing it right.

Happiness is the key to a successful business.

A decade of research in the business world proves that happiness raises nearly every business and educational outcome: raising sales by 37%, productivity by 31%, and accuracy on tasks by 19%, as well as a myriad of health and quality-of-life improvements. (Source: CNN.com)

While you may agree with the statistics, you may be skeptical to break out a smile because you are stressed about getting more clients, adding time to your day, growing your business, and/or the many topics you wish to learn about.

So how do you increase your happiness?

Happiness is a choice you make. However, there are steps you can take to feel better.

It starts by feeling more confident. Confidence stems from competence.

No wonder it is said that the more you learn, the more you earn.

Some people wait until they quit their job, make more money, or live in a bigger house before choosing to be happy.

They struggle to collaborate with others, take constructive feedback to improve their results, and insist on looking at their failures rather than their successes.

But if you ask me, business is not worth it if you are not happy.

Happiness is what fuels me to jump out of bed every morning without an alarm clock and gets me excited to produce content for FREE without people expecting me to.

The #1 way to choose happiness in your life today and increase your success

While many people may assume that money in the bank or a fancy pants car is they key to happiness, it’s not.

In my opinion, as long as you are doing what you love, you will be happy.

I remember working on my doctorate in psychology and feeling miserable everyday.

I was getting good grades and was half way done with it. My family told me to hold on but I knew that they courageous thing was to let go.

So I did.

I knew that if I hated how I felt and constantly wondered how my life could be different that I was in the wrong place.

It was scary but necessary. I was not clear on what would be better but I knew what it could no longer be.

Today, I can confidently tell you that my WORST day as an entrepreneur is still way better than my BEST day in that doctoral program.

I am happy, inspired, free, and living life on my terms.

I still get to help people everyday but in a capacity that is a better fit for me.

Thank God I decided to be happy rather than just stick to my “safe plan” that wasn’t really safe at all.

Having invested over $200k in my education, I am no stranger to taking risks and going all in for something I believe in.

It was so worth it

Investing money in my education has fueled and equipped me to have happy customers in 20+ countries who send me testimonials daily.

I want to sit down with you and help you crush it in your business as well so that you can live a happier and fuller life.

You deserve to be living your dream life and fulfilling your purpose on this earth.

I know that you were given special talents for a reason and I want to help you monetize them so that you can turn your dreams into a reality.

Let’s work together

As you know the Lady Boss Retreat is sold out but there is still a great way to meet and work together.

I am inviting you to meet with me for a VIP intensive where I will help you put your ideas down on paper and turn them into an actionable plan.

A VIP intensive is the perfect way to get 2-3 months of work completed in just a few hours.

Many times, entrepreneurs have a wonderful vehicle and a destination in mind but no idea how to get there.

With my help and expertise, you can turn your dreams into reality thanks to a clear and concise training.

Changes occurring

As a courtesy and because I value you, I wanted to give you a heads up.

As of April 1st, all of my coaching prices will be increased. If you are on the fence about working together, this may be a great time to do so for you. 

Why this is good news for you?

With growth comes more value. The more success I have, the more value I can bring to you.

I practice what I preach. That’s the best part about working with me.

With a thriving online business outside of coaching I am able to give you an insiders perspective on what’s working rather than just regurgitate information I heard at a conference.

Learn first-hand what it takes to live your dreams and take the necessary action to make them a reality.

Next step:

Are you ready to learn in a few hours what could otherwise take you years to learn on your own?

If so, click here to apply. 

It’s almost April. Next thing you know it’s almost January.

Don’t let another year pass by where you don’t know how to crush it and have the freedom you desire.

I’m telling you from experience- it’s not worth holding on to something that leaves no room for what will make you happy.

Opportunities will come and go, but if you do nothing about them. So will you.

Can’t wait to talk to you!

Your favorite lady boss,

Ilean Harris