Hey there!

For the past two weeks I have been exploring South Africa with my husband while simultaneously building our businesses.

I used to think doing so could only happen in the movies or in my dreams. Yet, there we were…spending the weekend in Cape Town attending both business meetings and family functions.

Amazing right?

I must admit I was a little nervous about going to South Africa because I was recovering from bronchitis.

But it turns out that a really positive attitude and knowing when to stop and rest was all I needed to keep recovering successfully throughout my time there.

We started the trip in Johannesburg by celebrating team members for all their accomplishments. I was so teary eyed when this phenomenal lady boss got her gift!

Then we spent Easter weekend in Cape Town where I met my husband’s South African family for the first time (after 5 years of marriage), attended a spectacular business event, and (**I say this while jumping up and down**)  we saw penguins. Penguins!

My heart could burst from all the happiness that weekend.

The people were amazing.

The views were so gorgeous I literally pinched myself to make sure I wasn’t imaging it.

And… Did I mention I saw penguins?


Seeing penguins at this beach had been a goal of mine for some time.

I’m so thankful that we were able to squeeze it into our very tight schedule!

It was so special, I don’t think he can ever top that experience.  He’s awesome so he will try. 😉

The trip continued with a visit to East London…. where I saw more penguins (but it was not the same as seeing them in the wild).

While there we mixed business with pleasure again.

We attended more business meetings with some very sharp entrepreneurs and then we headed to Butterworth (a town in the Eastern Cape) where my husband grew up.

You see my husband’s parents moved to South Africa when he was a child and lived there for 13 years as missionaries.

My husband’s mom is originally from South Africa and his dad is American. This gave my husband and his brother a great experience to grow up knowing both cultures intimately.

Now a decade later, he got to show me the house where he grew up. That was a very special moment to say the least.

We ended our time there with a great business event and went back to Johannesburg to complete our tour.

I must admit that I was pretty happy to be in one hotel for 5 days straight. It was easier to get settled, juggle my online business and the tour, and (with less exploring) I had more time to work on my presentation for a big training event I spoke at.

I think I changed my keynote 20 times!

I’m typically not a perfectionist but the more I got to know the entrepreneurs and what their needs were, I knew I had to adjust my presentation accordingly.

It’s pretty pointless if you inspire people and then they are back to square one.

My goal was to help them overcome their struggles so that they can hurry up and experience the results they desire and live out their dreams.

The main struggle turned out to be belief.

Belief in what is possible.

Belief in their dreams.

What entrepreneur can’t relate to that?!

But right before we hosted that training event to over 700 entrepreneurs, we hosted a private reception for our business partners in a mansion we reserved for the evening.

Celebrating entrepreneurs that are crushing it, are so coachable, and are inspiring thousands with their example is something I could do all the time.
There is more than enough success for us all and we should all be in the habit to stop and celebrate each other.

Plus, it didn’t hurt that after recovering from bronchitis I was elated to have a chance to dress up and get dolled up!

During the evening, my husband and I surprised everyone by putting on clothes that were designed and custom-made for us by our designer friend/business partner.

It was a very special moment where I felt that we all celebrated the African culture and embraced all of the beautiful diversity in the room. I was honored to wear such a gorgeous dress and be surrounded by such beautiful people.

To conclude the tour we trained hundreds of entrepreneurs on how to grow their businesses.


The energy was amazing at the event and the people I had a chance to speak with after the event captured my heart.

Listening to people think bigger, dream more than ever before, and commit to their goals is a dream come true.

I’m so thankful for the experience!

Overall, pictures don’t do this trip justice. Everywhere you turn in South Africa there will be kind people, great food, and a spectacular view.

At first I wasn’t sure how my husband was going to physically remove me from such an awesome place.

But it wasn’t too hard to persuade me once I knew these three things:

  1. We will return to South Africa in a few months. (*phew!)
  2. I really missed my dog Bentley and found relief at the idea of our reunion again.
  3. We stopped in Paris on our way back home and that’s always tough to argue with.

No matter what your goal is, never give up on making it happen.

You can have it all.