Recently, my hubby took me on a morning date to the Library of Congress here in Washington, DC.

Such a beautiful place….especially if you want to get your vibe just right.

He knows how much I love it and insisted we visit.

You know I’ve been there before when my phone connects with their wifi automatically. Hah!

While I was in the gift shop, I made a sale.

Even after years of being in business, I never take it for granted that I make sales even when I’m away from the computer.

For a quick second, I forgot where I was and danced a little to celebrate!

(In my defense, I was in the lady boss section of the books at the store and was feeling extra inspired to crush more goals.)

Someone might see me dance and be tempted to think that making sales in my sleep or while I explore the world is easy.

You know…. do one of those webinar “thingys” and sell your e-courses around the world. Super easy!


Starting your business with the notion that it’s going to be super easy and money is going to fall from the sky with little to no effort is ludicrous.

That would be like turning on the oven and expecting your cake to be ready in 5 minutes- highly unlikely.

On the other hand, it doesn’t have to take years either.

Consistently showing up for your business is the key to success.

Ever seen someone with a great physique?

They got where they are today from consistent hard work.

I’m sure you want “business abs”…. like yesterday! 🙂

But for you to make sales in your sleep or while you are traveling the world, you need to show up consistently and build up your systems and structures to make it happen.

Perhaps you need to refine your:

-website copy

-webinar presentations

-sales pages

-Facebook targeting



Refine it!!

Success doesn’t have to happen overnight but you can let your dreams slip away the instant you give up.

Keep going.

Keep refining.

Keep showing up.

You’ll be dancing up a storm while you are out exploring very soon!