This past weekend while I was visiting a new church, I turned around and saw one of the presidential candidates who just dropped out of the race sitting behind me with his wife.

I know what you’re wondering and no… I didn’t catch him sleeping during the sermon. Hah!

When the service ended, I briefly said hello to him as he seemed in a hurry to head out.

I figured he was excited to head home and have lunch. (I was clearly hungry and projecting what I wanted to do.)

Much to my surprise, when we were headed back to our car, I saw him sitting in his car all by himself appearing a bit sad.

In that moment, I didn’t see him as someone who was running for president. Instead, I saw him as a man we can all relate to, one with big dreams that just got a taste of how hard you have to work to make the biggest and scariest of them happen.

Going after your biggest dreams can be scary- especially if you are about to launch your a program that you put your heart and soul into.

You worry that your launch will flop or that with “a little more time” you can make sure that everything is absolutely perfect.

As a result, you hide under the covers (or in your car) instead of sharing your message and products with the world.

You’re not alone.

Creating a marketing plan that works for you and your goals is a critical component of building a sustainable business.

By sustainable I mean a business that allows you the freedom to travel the world via consistent sales and an amazing marketing strategy that helps you stand out like a boss.

It’s time that you stop shying away from putting yourself out there and turning your expertise into passive residual income.

go for it

That’s why, I’m going to show you how to create a strategic marketing plan to launch a product or service online with confidence.

In this online workshop you will learn:

-How to launch a product or service online with confidence-even if you are brand new

-How to market yourself online so that you can standout without being obnoxious

-3 step rule to launch even if you are stuck & frustrated with the “techie” side of the business

-How to conduct market research even if you don’t have an audience

-The best ways to build your list and attract your ideal clients/customers (even if you have a low budget)

-The most common & costly mistakes people make during launches

-So much more!

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You don’t have to keep throwing things on the wall and hoping something will stick.

Learn how to build a strategy that works for you so that you can face your fears and attract your dream customers like a boss.