Tired of preparing for days to have the perfect slides only to speak to crickets when no one shows up?
It’s no secret that thanks to promoting my business via webinars has allowed me to:
-travel the world with my husband
-make sales in my sleep in 20+ countries
-become an award-winning coach
-live life on my terms
That’s why I’m so passionate about sharing the information with you so that you too can succeed.
You see, obscurity is the worst thing that can happen to a business owner!
Think about it….
How can your ideal customers buy from you if they don’t know you exist?
According to a recent study shared on Mashable.com, about 74% of all consumers rely on social networks to help them make a buying decision.
Not surprisingly, if you ask everyone in my social circle, I’m positive 100% of them would say that your social media presence matters when they are choosing whether to work with you or not.
There were several factors that got me to this place where I get invited to speak around the world, make sales in my sleep, and am free to live as I wish.
One of those factors is webinars.
There’s a lot I could tell you about webinars but here’s the basic premise….
Webinars allow you to add value, position yourself as an expert in your field, and sell out your programs.
Think about it this way. If you travelled across the world to a place where you didn’t speak the language, you could still connect to wifi and host a webinar to people all around the world.
Thus, giving you the freedom to travel as you please without it hurting your business.

However, many people struggle with getting more people registered to their webinars.

That is why I have asked Stephanie, a mother, veteran, and global entrepreneur to share with us how she was able to fill up her first webinars, what training she used, and how you can get it too:

Do you have ideas that you are passionate about but you don’t know how to turn them into a business?

Maybe you’ve already started working on them and can identify with one of these:
-You have an e-course idea on a wrinkly napkin and you’re not sure how to proceed
-You recorded one video but haven’t completed the rest because you feel stuck
-You have an e-course and you are frustrated because it’s not selling
-You are an expert, have lots of experience, and are wondering how to switch over into the online world.
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