If you’re like me and you like to learn from the success of others, this How She Did It series is for you.

The purpose of this series is to give you access and insights to female entrepreneurs who in 8 brief answers will let you learn from their businesses and mindset.

Today’s guest is a fabulous lady boss that my hubby and I were fortunate enough to spend time with on the beach at the Dominican Republic.

There’s nothing like brunch with a like-minded entrepreneur that is adding value to the world on a daily basis. 😉

One of the things that I love about her is her passion for….. well everything!

She travels, spends precious time with friends/family, and of course makes it all look so easy.

Read all about her unique approach to business, how she mixes her lifestyle goals with business strategies, and what her favorite tips are.

How Kristina Did It:

Please share with us what you do and who your business helps.

As a Story Consultant and Founder of Hollywood Approach, I leverage my newsroom, boardroom and Hollywood writers’ room experience to help people tell their best story. I work with first time and bestselling authors, speakers, researchers and CEOs to create sharper, tighter writing that grabs interest and creates connection.

How did you go from “idea” to an online business?

Two decades ago, following a brief stint as a journalist, I started working on global marketing teams on three continents and 28 countries around the world. All of our work was done via conference call and email. For me, I wouldn’t think about NOT working online. The difference is that I am now structured as a consultant rather than an in-house employee, and I work on a wider range of projects.

In your opinion, what is a hard-to-spot pitfall that is critical to avoid in entrepreneurship?

Maintaining the unrealistic expectation that you can and should have all the answers—and it’s evil cousin—believing you can or should do things alone. Even superheroes have allies. Like them, entrepreneurs also need a team. Figure out who or what you need to make your business run, and invest in that resource.

In your opinion, what was the #1 thing that helped you experience a breakthrough in business?

Having a coach who told me I needed to “do less.”

What is one thing you’ve told yourself that kept you going during your darkest hour?

When things go awry, I focus on the person or people I’m serving, whether that’s a client, a family member or a humanitarian project I’m working on. It makes things real clear, real fast.

What’s your best advice for entrepreneurs who are frustrated and overwhelmed?

Ask for the help you need.

What are your favorite tools and resources that make your life easier and keep your business running smoothly?

Bic 4-color pens, a large supply of post-it notes, phenomenal mastermind and writers groups and chocolate elixirs. Also, using the Pomodoro technique changed my writing forever.

To conclude, what is one thing you would like to share with my audience to inspire them to go for new goals?

Sometimes, we have to be our own heroes. Most of the time, we have to be our own heroes.

Your story is no different than any other hero story, real or fiction. Not mine, not Wonder Woman’s, not Julia Roberts’ or Selma Hayek’s or Octavia Spencer’s—or any of the characters they play on screen—at least not in terms of structure and key elements.

We are all writing our way through plot twists and obstacles to get to our goals.

And just like heroes, in order to have our best and fullest life or career and be all that we’re meant to be in every facet—we have work to do.

In order to be our own heroes, we have to overcome our flaws.

The challenge today with crafting our big-picture narrative is that in addition to our flaws, we are often out-maneuvered by already in-place stories about what our flaws are.

Companies and other entities have made up solutions to problems we didn’t even know we had. And then they’re telling stories about it so we buy into it. Food, fashion, pharmaceuticals, medicine, plastic surgery and stuff. The almighty stuff.

In many cases, we have subconsciously subscribed to a story about the importance of speed and convenience. Is that REALLY our priority?

Big picture thinking, carving a new path, writing our own script, isn’t always convenient.

In the show you call life—don’t let someone else write your script.

In a film, it’s the screenwriter who decides the protagonist’s every goal and action.

In life, you decide.

When you are creating your path – think like a screenwriter. You make the decisions in your story. Consistently and consciously choose your goal and the actions you’ll take to get to your goal, and you’ll be set. If you get stuck, look for your allies and ask for the help you need.

This approach can help you gain clarity, get a bad ass game plan together, and expedite results. You got this.


Pretty amazing advice right?

Just goes to show you that success is not based on luck or knowing everything.

Your willingness to learn and apply strategies from those who have what you want will help you get far!

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You can have it all!

Your favorite lady boss,