If you’re like me and you like to learn from the success of others, this How She Did It series is for you.

The purpose of this series is to give you access and insights to female entrepreneurs who in 8 brief answers will let you learn from their businesses and mindset.

Today’s guest is a lady boss who I met on social media and has a very cool business in something I love to buy- shoes.

How Rebecca Did It:

Please share with us what you do and who your business helps:

Rebecca Allen just launched online with an initial offering of a timeless patent leather pump in five skin-tone shades to complement all complexions from dark to light. It’s foundation for your feet. This wardrobe staple is the workhorse of every professional woman’s closet and Rebecca Allen is perfecting it for women of color, and all boss ladies, in an inclusive way.

How did you go from “idea” to an online business?:

I prototyped some styles and iterated. I surveyed groups of women to understand how they shop and where this shoe fits into their lives. I really just kept putting one foot in front of the other (sorry for the footwear pun) with the help of a lot of networking to seek advice and feedback on all facets of the business.

In your opinion, what is a hard-to-spot pitfall that is critical to avoid in entrepreneurship?:

I think it’s tricky to communicate a clear vision, but know that you must be flexible to take feedback and iterate.

I think it’s always challenging to move as fast as you like when you are a small team and are running very leanly.

In your opinion, what was the #1 thing that helped you experience a breakthrough in business?:

I’ve had really helpful mentors on the product side and on the business side that have been a constant, and accessible, source of guidance. I think it’s imperative to surround yourself with smart people.

What is one thing you’ve told yourself that kept you going during your darkest hour?:

I always remind myself that I’m working to help women stand taller (literally), take up space and be heard. I take pride in that and feel really fortunate to be able to go to work for women.

What’s your best advice for entrepreneurs who are frustrated and overwhelmed? :

I thinks it’s important to keep an even keel and have other entrepreneurs whose advice you can seek. A great win can be followed by devastating news the next day, but you’re not the first one to navigate that.

What are your favorite tools and resources that make your life easier and keep your business running smoothly?:

Boomerang is a great plug in for gmail that let’s you schedule emails and and read receipts, and will bounce emails to the top of your inbox when you want to pay attention to them. It really helps keep me organized.

Upwork is a great tool for finding qualified freelancers for all different types of work.

To conclude, what is one thing you would like to share with my audience to inspire them to go for new goals?:

Get scrappy, be politely persistent., don’t be afraid to make asks of people.


She is full of wisdom isn’t she?

Before you run off and start implementing all of those amazing nuggets, I need you to stop and click here to check out her site now.


You can have it all!

Now go for it.

Your favorite lady boss,