Ever heard the saying if you fail to plan, you plan to fail?

Well it’s true!

Leaving certain things to chance was OK when I was in college taking 19 credits (super full-time that semester) and had multiple papers due the same day.

Those days there wasn’t even much time left to plan! I just had to run, read, write, and pass tests.

Unlike when I was in college, we are no longer getting graded by (mostly) friendly teachers who will simply give us feedback in writing or a pat on the back.

As business owners, our “grades” are determined by the impact we have in the lives of others and the impact we are able to make in our own lives.

There is too much at stake to leave growing your business to chance.

Don’t you agree?

Enough of the random marketing campaigns to catch attention, kill your budget, and get more people to tell you they can’t afford what you have to offer.

It’s time to build a digital asset that leverages proven systems to increase your time and your freedom.

While many people want to live a life of freedom and inspiration, they worry about how long it will take to build a successful business.

No one likes to spend time on things that will not get them the results they desire.

Therefore, instead of focusing on activities that will keep you busy and away from your family, you must focus on the strategies that work.

What is a digital asset:

A digital asset is a set of especially curated information to help people get to know, like, and trust you and see your value so that they can make a well-informed purchase from you.

In other words, digital assets help you make sales in your sleep without being salesy or pushy.

Can you see why I make sure to have digital assets in my business? It’s awesome!

Here’s what works now:

One great presentation delivered via online video, automated, can access people at an international level, sell direct to consumers, and be a self-operating income machine.

Even if you didn’t realize it you are already presenting daily. We make our way through life creating and delivering presentations.

You can be an amateur presenter- isn’t well paid and doesn’t have much leverage.

OR you can be a professional and get paid for your presentations and leverage them into a scalable business.

We are in the information age where it’s more strategic to be a pro.

Think about it.

When you are presenting it changes your positioning with people and how they perceive you. No matter your age, presenting gives you instant credibility and authority.

Most people have no idea that there is an actual formula for sharing presentations like a pro (much less that you can automate it).

When you OWN a presentation your income is independent of your time availability or energy to present multiple times a day- around the globe.

That is why you must create a digital asset!

A digital asset presents your info via a strategic system that you own.

By owning something you can create independence and freedom that you can’t by just doing things (prospecting and chasing 1-on-1 conversations).

When you build a digital asset a lot of cool things happen:

  • you invest your time in speaking to people who are ideal for your program- not desperately hunting for them online
  • you can double or triple your income online without one-on-one prospecting presentations
  • you’ll be the envy of everyone else when they see people line up to work with you
  • you can actually relax again now that you have eliminated the stress of presenting and selling
  • your friends and family will notice a difference in you now that you work is pleasant to you again

Here is an example of one of my digital assets in action:

I created an awesome online training that I promote via Facebook ads every single day for an astronomical $5 a day. 😉

People then join for free with their name and email and are able to listen/watch to the phenomenal and content-rich training I created for them.

So far, they seem to love it!

Imagine having thousands of people joining your email list, watching your presentations, and then deciding if your products/services are for them or not……even while you are at the pool!

Thankfully, promoting your business with digital assets is not expensive.

Most times, leads are less than $1 and in this case it’s not even fifty cents.

In all fairness, sometimes digital assets are a little more pricey to promote…..

In my opinion, it’s still a very reasonable price to promote your online business around the world- even while you sleep!

Here’s the best part… People join my programs, get great content, and can learn via my self-study programs from the comfort of their homes!

Even better, I get to cover my ad spend on the front-end.

Think about it this way, I can build my list, nurture my subscribers, add a ton of value, and then increase my profits (stress-free) as I promote my high-end coaching packages.

Aren’t you excited to build digital assets that promote your business for you?

When I first started my online business I was scared, exhausted, and in a serious hurry to make it happen so that I could put food on the table and keep a roof over my head.

I had big goals and a tiny budget. I had no internet, no cell phone, no credit cards, and I even traded my books on amazon.com for store credit so that I could buy food and supplies.

The sacrifices I made were non-negotiable. I had to take a big risk on myself because I was no longer willing to live in sadness and fear while doing something I hated and that I wasn’t called to do.

I knew that the only reason I was stuck doing something I hated was because I did not know how to make my dreams come true.

Can you relate?

Do you have strong desire for a bigger and better life but don’t know how to make it happen.

Thankfully, I took action immediately and learned how to build a successful online business. Doing so changed my life!

I went from going to the grocery store with coupons & a calculator, hoping I had enough money for food, to:

  • Living in the Dominican Republic last summer while doubling our sales
  • I was named “Digital Products Leader” by Women in E-Commerce
  • Customers in 20+ countries
  • Traveling speaking
  • Hosting international retreats for my coaching clients
  • International mission work
  • My husband and I split our time between the US and South Africa
  • Free to live my dreams without asking permission or apologizing for them
  • Peace of mind thanks to the passive residual income I’ve created

Are you ready to change your life and turn your dreams into a reality?

If so, it’s time you learn how to make $100,000+ a year by turning your advice into a successful online business.

Whether you want to make an extra $1k or $10k a month, I will illustrate for you how to do so consistently thanks to the leverage of digital assets.

Get my 3 hush-hush secrets to automating systems in your business (even if you dislike tech and don’t have a big email list or budget):  https://ileanharris.com/automation

There are two basic truths in life:

You don’t know what you don’t know and you can’t tickle yourself.

Although I guarantee that I have no interest in tickling you, I will show you things that may take you years to do on your own.

Think about it this way….

Could you imagine if a cruise line invested all their money in the ship but zero on their captains?

Pretty scary huh?

We can agree that to stay on top of your game and to have success you must keep sharpening your ax.

Here is the BEST opportunity to sharpen your ax like never before.

You are smart enough to know that there is no fun in making a lot of sales without a single minute to enjoy your success.

On the other hand, you can have a lot of time on your hands but without any clients or sales coming in, it doesn’t seem so special anymore.

I can help you have both more time and more sales.

I’ve found that there are people who don’t know what they don’t know.

One conversation with me can open your mind to what is really possible for you and your brand so that you can make sales in your sleep- like a boss.

Stop letting time pass and your ax get rusty. Sharpen your ax so that you can build a business and life you are proud of and absolutely love.

Apply to work with me here to learn how.

I’m talking to you if you’re an expert who wants to:

  • grow your email list
  • launch like a boss
  • have more followers
  • package, position, and promote new programs
  • automate sales
  • have lots of fun doing what you love

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You can have it all.

Now it’s up to you to go for it.