how to get over imposter syndrome

This post is all about how to get over imposter syndrome.

How to get over imposter syndrome

Ever feel like a total imposter when it comes to building your business?

You know you can help people, you have a strong desire to change lives, but in your opinion you are missing one more piece of the puzzle before you can actually go all in.

I get it- on many levels. I usually don’t like sharing this but maybe you can relate to some of my past insecurities:

1. not being a skinny super model with a 6 pack

2. having an accent (some people hear it and others don’t) and it didn’t matter to me because I didn’t want to mispronounce anything in a video

3. waiting until I finished my MBA before raising my coaching prices (ugh- unnecessary I know)

4. comparing myself to others in my industry

5. not wanting to share my insecurities because it would make me look like less of an authority on my topic

6. hiding behind my computer to be safe from all the online haters and critics

Ironically, in trying to make everyone else happy, I made myself very unhappy.

This great idea that could help so many people around the world started to feel like it was hurting me.

Suddenly I started to have more faith in my doubts than in my abilities.

The reality is that if you want to succeed, you must doubt your doubts- not your faith in what could work.

So there I was, fully equipped to help and transform lives but felt stuck because of my feelings about myself.

AND YES- this happens to people with no followers and people with thousands of followers who have made tons of money online.

But in that moment it didn’t matter because it felt like it was only happening to me.

Feeling like an imposter was a heavy feeling, it was distracting, and kept me from going all in.

Pretty crappy right?

So get the tips in this video that helped me snap out of it and cure my chronic symptoms of the Imposter Syndrome.

If you’re ready to make imposter syndrome a thing of the past by plugging in with me to help nudge you in the direction of success and online freedom, it’s time to stop doubting and start going all in.

Let’s work together on your success.


You can have it all and you can have it now.