Ever wondered how the heck people make a living blogging about what they are passionate about?

Blogging can be a great outlet to share your message with the world, build an online community, and change lives.

A blog allows you to share videos, images, and your valuable content.

Many times, bloggers are so successful that big brands want to sponsor them in exchange for an endorsement of their product/service.

Pretty easy huh? Write a blog >> become a celebrity in your niche >> get sponsored like a celebrity & get tons of free stuff

Well…it’s not that easy and it’s definitely not the only way to make money from adding value on your blog.

I get where you are coming from.

I remember when I started my first blog.

I tried:

  • SEO
  • backlinking to other articles
  • commenting on other blogs
  • batching tons of YouTube videos at once
  • spinning articles
  • tons of keyword research

It was exhausting and it didn’t work.

Google kept changing the rules to the game and it was very difficult to keep up with how to rank #1 for certain keywords.

Worst of all, it was all super confusing and made blogging seem more burdensome then it should be.

I knew I wanted to make money from my blog so that I could do it full time.

I wrote a lot and made very little (AKA nothing).

Then I figured it out!

I needed to sell direct to consumer.

But what would I sell? Why would people buy from me?

After a while, my writing started to strike a nerve with people.

They kept asking me similar questions and wanted to learn a particular result.

That’s when I decided to create my first e-course.

It was a labor of love and I had no idea if people would buy.

One day, I made a sale….from PERU.

I danced and cried in celebration of making my first $97 online without advertising.

Making $97 in another country proved to me that I could make any amount I wanted- the sky was the limit.

Think about it. Sell one $97 e-course a day and you can make almost $3,000 a month.

If you sell an e-course for $997, with only 8-9 sales a month you can make $100,000 a year- without a sponsor.

YES! I know… I skipped a ton of steps on how I did it but that would take more than a blog post. Describing it all would require writing a few books. LOL

So let’s meet half way. I really want you to learn how to monetize your blog without sponsors and get all the info you need on info products so that you can crush it online like a boss and turn your blog into a business.

That is why I recorded this priceless podcast episode to introduce you to the #1 way to monetize your blog and turn your advice into a business with e-courses.

Click here to listen to it now: https://ileanharris.com/episode-5-how-to-profit-with-information-products/

No matter how you decide to monetize your blog, remember that as long as you make your readers’ needs a top priority and seek to solve a problem in your community, you will be rewarded.

Choose a goal, develop a strategy to make your goal a priority, and watch your dreams turn into reality.

You can have it all!