Ever feel like a total imposter when it comes to building your business?

You know you can help people, you have a strong desire to change lives, but in your opinion you are missing one more piece of the puzzle before you can actually go all in.

I get it- on many levels.

I usually don’t like sharing this but maybe you can relate to some of my past insecurities:

  • not being a skinny super model with a 6 pack
  • having an accent (some people hear it and others don’t) and it didn’t matter to me because I didn’t want to mispronounce anything in a video
  • waiting until I finished my MBA before raising my coaching prices (ugh- unnecessary I know)
  • comparing myself to others in my industry
  • not wanting to share my insecurities because it would make me look like less of an authority on my topic
  • hiding behind my computer to be safe from all the online haters and critics

Ironically, in trying to make everyone else happy, I made myself very unhappy.

This great idea that could help so many people around the world started to feel like it was hurting me.

Suddenly I started to have more faith in my doubts than in my abilities.

The reality is that if you want to succeed,  you must doubt your doubts- not your faith in what could work.

So there I was, fully equipped to help and transform lives but felt stuck because of my feelings about myself.

AND YES- this happens to people with no followers and people with thousands of followers who have made tons of money online.

But in that moment it didn’t matter because it felt like it was only happening to me.

Feeling like an imposter was a heavy feeling, it was distracting, and kept me from going all in.

Pretty crappy right?

So here is how I snapped out of it and cure my chronic symptoms of the Imposter Syndrome:

After reminiscing over some wedding pictures, I remembered about the time my husband asked for my hand in marriage.

He was born in the US, grew up in South Africa, and even has 2 passports. (My little James Bond right?)

Anyways… I digress.

My husband is super awesome but isn’t fluent in Spanish and as you may remember, my dad doesn’t speak English.

So imagine how hilarious and awkward it was when I had to translate for Matthew when he was asking my dad for my hand in marriage.

The funniest part was that I hardly translated.

I told my dad what he needed to hear and just smiled at both of them.

If only life were always that simple where you can jump in and edit conversations as you go. LOL!

My husband didn’t let a little language barrier keep him from a lifetime of adventure and happiness.

He went for it.

So I chose to do the same thing.

I decided to believe in the good and began to doubt the bad.

I started to see things for what they were- challenges and opportunities for growth.

When I made that simple shift, suddenly things that made me feel like imposter for not being perfect now looked like a chance to get better, work smarter, and have a larger impact.

Shifts began to take place in my health, my marriage, my lifestyle, and my friendships.

Ideal clients were suddenly more attracted to working with me- without a single change to my marketing materials.

What changed then?

I did.

You see..

When you build a business based on serving others, you cannot make it about yourself.

Who cares about a 6 pack or an accent in the grand scheme of things?

That has nothing to do with my ability to show people how to automate sales online, how to grow their email lists, or how to turn their advice into an online business.

By being more realistic about what was possible, it made me less concerned with what was not perfect.

More importantly, I didn’t do this alone.

I surrounded myself with successful people who had already experienced the goals I wanted to achieve.

Anyone can have a quick moment of clarity and get excited about changing.

However, true and lasting change requires support, guidance, and strategic adjustments.

Makes sense right?

You can’t keep doing the same things over and over again and expect different results.

It’s just disheartening to watch entrepreneurs work so hard and get discouraged with a lack of results, all while knowing that a simple nudge in the right direction could change their results in an instant.

If you’re ready to make imposter syndrome a thing of the past by plugging in with me to help nudge you in the direction of success and online freedom, it’s time to stop doubting and start going all in.

By working with me you will get practical (straight to the point) training so that you can monetize your ideas online, build your email list, get thousands of followers, and feel more confident about your ability to consistently do so.

Curing imposter syndrome by yourself is like refusing to ever go to the doctor for support and doing your own stitched on a kitchen table.

It’s straight out of a horror movie right?

Why butcher your business and success? Your goals are too important for you not to invest in yourself.

All you have to do right now is take the first step.

Fill out the form here now for a complimentary strategy session with me on zoom.

You deserve success.

You deserve this opportunity.

You deserve to confidently build your online business and have the support to do so.

Don’t let doubt creep in. Take action now.

Fill out the form here.

The new you will get bigger and better results when you stop acting like the old you.

You know what I mean….

Never asking for help…

Duct-taping the business together with random strategies here and there…

Procrastinating on going all in…

Waiting for everything to be perfect before you take action…

Comparing yourself to others…

Coming up with completely solvable excuses like a lack of time, money, or experience…

Believing your doubts more than your dreams…

If you are ready to finally accept that you can succeed, your dreams are possible, and the journey can be inspiring- don’t delay any longer.

Take action now.

Fill out the form here and feel the internal shift and transformation that occurs in the process.

You can have it all.

Stop pretending you can’t.

Stop burdening yourself with the task of squeezing in a big vision for yourself with a tiny life that you feel suffocated in.

Instead, learn how to expand so that you can feel free and inspired to go all in again.

I look forward to going on this journey with you.

Your favorite lady boss,