most profitable digital products

This blog post is all about the most profitable digital products.

Starting to create digital products can feel daunting at first but with a clear strategy you can create amazing things.

Not only can you create amazing things and feel fulfilled, but you can also be profitable in the process.

There are lots of things that you can do with your time and I am sure that between social media, recommendations of friends, and endless blogs out there, that you are constantly bombarded with  possibilities.

That is why today I am not going to share with you endless possibilities. Instead, with a decade of experience under my belt and customers in 20+ countries, I am going to focus my time and attention on the 5 most profitable digital products that you must create this week and even some bonus tips on how to promote them to your ideal audience.

#1- Create an On-Demand Online Workshop

Many times your ideal customer will have a lot of things that you can relate to them on.

When creating something, I don’t just look at what other people are doing. I also consider my own lifestyle. That is why I highly recommend creating an on-demand online workshop that works for everyone!

So the best option for you as an entrepreneur and your ideal customer is to cater to people’s needs and meet them where they are.

Think about it..

Nowadays there are so many events on Zoom that people almost feel like your in-person event has to be 10x more special to justify the travel, outfits required, and the expense behind them all.

Then you have to have a date that works for everyone, coordinate with a venue, and hope it all comes together on time.


You can work smart and create an on demand online workshop that people can pay to join and watch from the comfort of their home, hotel, or airplane seat.

You create an amazing training, over-deliver on value, and then offer it to them to purchase.

Not only does this help you reach people around the world but it allows for your events to be more profitable.

When implementing a strategy like this, pricing and value matter for you to be able to make the profits you would like to.

For instance, a class that charges $97 would require 100+ people to purchase it in order for you to make $10,000 in sales vs a $1,000 class would only require about 10 people to purchase for you to make the same amount.

When pricing my workshop, seminar, summit, or training class I consider several things:

-what is the value of the result I am helping someone get

-how is my training helping them achieve this goal faster

-what type of training, time, and sacrifice went into gathering this data for them

-what are the overhead costs of the online business

-how common is this training in your industry (uniqueness = more rare and special)

-what is your credibility on the topic and how many people have been helped this way before

-what resources come with the class (book, worksheet, bonus expert interview, facebook group, etc)

-how long do they have access to it

-and so much more!

One thing that is very important to note is that an on-demand training is not necessarily the same as an e-course.

You are not expected to teach in as much depth on a subject in a simple or introductory class (or even an advanced class if that is who you are tailoring it for).

On-demand workshops can help bring people up to speed on industry updates that have recently been implemented, they can cover a case study in depth, can feature several speakers, can address a common misconception and provide resources, can teach and present a unique how-to training, and so much more.

In other words, what event would you like to go to in-person that you can create online for your ideal customers?

I personally like to offer FREE on-demand workshops. I use them to teach, help, educate, and entertain my ideal clients.

During the event, I add tons of value and at the end I invite them to keep working with me in one of my paid programs.

I figure that whether people buy from me or not, I leave them better than I found them. More importantly, I give them a taste of what it is like working with me and if they like my free stuff, they will love my paid programs too.

On the other hand, if they didn’t like it or think it was a good fit for them, they find out quickly and at no cost.

This method focuses more on a long-term goal to build a relationship with my email subscribers, add tons of value in my industry, and continually position myself as an expert.

You can do both paid and free on-demand workshops as part of your strategy.

But if you don’t have much of an online following, don’t have programs or products you can sell, and are still establishing your credibility online these are things to consider:

PAID on-demand workshops allow you to get an income now and start developing a system for customer service, get familiar with the tech involved, position yourself as an expert by changing, stand out from all the free and low value content out there, and helps you attract the most qualified and serious prospects to follow you online.

FREE on-demand workshops allow you to add value before you sell, build your email list quickly, reach more people (even those who aren’t quick familiar with you and wouldn’t be as ready to buy from you asap),provide a risk-free way to learn from you, offer your programs and services after adding value inspires reciprocity from participants, and you might just personally like it more and feel less salesy.

#2- Create an E-Book That Upsells to Your Higher End Products & Services

This is actually one of the first things that I created in my online business 10 years ago. I have since taken it down as available and created other offerings but it is on my list to do again.

What I love about e-books is that there are a number of ways that you can write one without feeling overwhelmed-especially if you are camera shy but still have a lot to say.

You can create an outline and then speak into an app on your phone about the topic. You can then get those files transcribed and then edit them so they read better.

With an afternoon of chatting you can create a high value e-book that you self-publish.

You can promote it on your site or on Amazon for sale.

Customers love books- especially nowadays when you can have it delivered instantly in a digital format.

Usually e-books are a bit more affordable than other training formats so there is a lot less barrier of entry and a lot of people won’t take the time to scrutinize you and be as skeptical (if you are new online).

Let’s say you have a $10 book and sell 10 a day… and then it leads to $3,000 or so a month! Not bad for talking into an app and then getting it transcribed!

More important than the value from the sales is the value the positioning and credibility being a published author provides.

You can leverage this to get speaking engagements, promote your other programs/services, upgrade your bio/resume, and reach an audience that is looking to learn on the topic.

You can get really creative with an e-book too. I had a client that wrote an amazing book. We then offered the first chapter for free with ads and organic marketing.

After people finished the first chapter, they were invited to purchase the rest of the book.

It allowed those customers who were perfect for it to check it out without any pressure and those who really loved it to keep going on their educational journey.

My client built her list, made sales, and never felt salesy or pushy while doing what she loved. More importantly, it changed a lot of lives….especially as it grew to podcast interviews, speaking invitations, client applications rolling in, new followers from around the world, and an engaged community who could relate to her story.

A lot of people may want a fancy publishing deal and those are fine too. 

But usually the ones that are looking to self-publish are also seeking to:

-control their brand

-own their content

-be able to pivot and launch as quickly or as slowly as they would like

-don’t just want to focus on the book but want to build an empire to back it

-want the freedom to edit and be vulnerable as they please

-need the freedom to decide if they want to give away a free chapter or x amount of copies to charity 

-want the agility of a small business to partner with as many platforms to promote the book vs loyalty to a small group of stores 

-and so much more!

My personal favorite part of any kind of book (digital or not) is that people are very invested in what you have to say.

It is also easier for them to focus.

There are no ads popping up mid-paragraph for your reader, it is kinda hard to keep social media tabs open while reading, and if they stop they will mark it so they can come back to it.

It’s not perfect or guaranteed that it will all go according to plan (someone can buy a book and leave it to collect dust metaphorically speaking) but the chances are high that it helps people and positions you as a thought leader in your niche.

Many shy away from it because they over exaggerate how long it will take to make happen or they focus only on short-term sales. This strategy can really help you long-term and in my opinion makes any short-term “headaches” worth it. 

#3- Create a Template That Helps Your Ideal Clients Achieve Their Goals

Creating a template that helps your ideal clients is something that you can add to your offerings very easily at any level in your business.

Tools like make this easier than ever to do. 

There are many more reasons to choose this as a strategy for monetization but one that stands out to me is….

If you are nervous about teaching, want to offer something more affordable without cheapening your brand, and/or simply want to help people, this is an awesome option.

What I love about creating a template that helps your ideal clients achieve their goals is that they will value it.

People are 10x more likely to use something they paid for.

While you could only offer these as freebies on your site, by charging they are beginning to associate your brand/business with value.

Your ideal customers will also love that they can learn what it is like to work with you and your business without a major investment (like a coaching package).

Some templates don’t even have to be promoted as templates. They can also be printables.

There are a lot of entrepreneurs that are busy, have babies, cope with health conditions, and so much more that would benefit from the convenience of being able to print out what they need instantly rather than digging through stores to shop.

The possibilities are endless:





-social media planner

-content calendar


-gratitude journal

-printables to frame

-printable art to frame

-digital planners

-devotional journals

-and so much more!

The next digital product you can sell is similar but with a strategic twist so let’s keep diving in.

#4- Create Re-sellable Tools For Your Peers

SO many people focus on fighting over customers with other businesses that they forget that they can offer support to people exactly like them.

Don’t make them your competition! Instead, think about what would make life easier for people just like you and create templates to help them do so.

There are endless possibilities for this strategy.

You can have plug and play templates in the form of:

-canva templates



-event planning

-customer service responses




-blog promotions

-social media posts


-email copy



-author templates

-book covers

-logo design

-webinar slides

-digital products

-blog themes

And so much more!

The idea is to monetize in the simplest way possible something that you use to make your life easier so other people can too. However, this takes this strategy a step further.

By selling the commercial license to your product/template you also allow your customer to sell it to their customer.

This allows you to sell it for 10x-20x more its original value because they will be able to customize it and use it for their business.

For instance, a template that someone can sell for $10, you can sell it for $100+. You were able to bring in the income of 10 customers with just one and if they change their minds and never sell it, it has nothing to do with your strategy. On the other hand, they can also make millions with the template they bought from you.

It is a win-win situation for everyone!

The key here is to be specific.

So if you want to create a planner, make it for entrepreneurs or moms….

Or entrepreneurial moms!

The idea is to see what a need is to help someone help themselves without working with you directly as a coach.

Something simple that would help others save time, present themselves like a pro, and be able to think less while doing more.

What I love about this strategy is that you can scale it without burning out.

If 10 people bought your $15 template or 1,000 people bought your $15 it is the same amount of work!

#5- Create an E-Course or Info Product That Solves A Unique Problem 

I left this one for last because it must be thoughtfully considered and may be a bit more advanced.

This is not impossible to do nor is it too hard tech-wise (I even give a template so my clients can just add their content to it without stressing the tech in my Momentum Business Academy- click here).

Are you ready to get paid over and over again for work you did once? If so, keep reading.

I remember just a few years ago wondering if there was a faster way to get the information to people without the limitations of a one-to-one conversation. 

Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE talking to people, connecting with them, and hearing all about their story.

But I knew that there were thousands of people who needed my message and speaking to them individually was not going to cut it.

That was a critical moment in my business. It was when I decided to focus on serving rather than solely doing what was more comfortable for me.

They say that what is fun for you should be your hobby and what serves others should be your business.

Not surprisingly, after making the decision to serve people around the world, I ended up with customers in 20+ countries, international coaching clients, and making sales in my sleep.

The information business is a multi-billion dollar industry that welcomes people no matter what their area of expertise. As long as people are hungry for information, they will be on the internet. 

Last time I checked, Facebook was boasting 1 billion+ active monthly users who love to devour their content.

Yes, others have come before you and sold e-courses. Perhaps they have even sold them in a topic that interests you. 

That only means that people are willing to pay for the content, not that the market is saturated. Yaay!

Bonus: You Can Sell Immediately Without Creating Anything!

Become a Brand Ambassador of the Momentum Business Academy!

We have done all the heavy lifting and created an amazing program that helps people monetize their advice online.

While you focus on creating your own, you can get paid by becoming a Brand Ambassador that gets paid for promoting the program every time someone buys from your link.

Bonus: Tips On Promoting Your Digital Product To Go From Product to Profits Like a Boss

Whether you have physical product, digital products, or services like coaching, consulting, event planning, etc… you need to promote our business to your ideal customers and clients.

Doing so doesn’t have to be a big pain in the neck or a technical nightmare that requires a ton of coding or years of graphic design experience.

So what’s the secret?

free online training with Ilean Harris


While many people want to live a life of freedom and inspiration, they worry about how long it will take to build a successful business.

I’m referring to people who are willing to do the work but don’t want to waste their time on a project that leads to nowhere.

No one likes to spend time on things that will not get them the results they desire.

Therefore, instead of focusing on activities that will keep you busy and away from your family, you must focus on the strategies that work.

Here’s what works:

My signature 5 step process to making sales in your sleep is a simple, results-driven recipe to success!

Step 1: Build your website/brand

Step 2: Drive traffic to your site & build your list

Step 3: Create digital assets that sell your programs for you

Step 4: Fill up your programs with dreamy customers/clients

Step 5: Automate/scale your systems

Let’s be honest & talk about what this looks like when you implement what I am sharing with you.

Your dreams don’t work unless you do.

Although this process is simple and can be completely life altering (hello it changed my life), it’s not magic.

You have to be laser-focused and implement the strategies that work.

Anything less will leave you exhausted, discouraged, and running in the opposite direction of your ideal clients.

I don’t want that to happen to you. That’s why I want to help you every step of the way so that you build your dreams in 90 days or less.

You see…

I started a new workout routine with rowing (ouch), made yummy food, volunteered for the Junior League, had my devotional, emailed my other lists, and all while my list is growing and people are reaching out to me about my products and services.

Well it’s obvious that I am no magician and that productivity hacks can only take you so far.

You need a system that works.

I was evaluating my own systems today and wanted to show you some quick stats.

Check out how only ONE of my online workshops did without me burning out:

Over 7,000 people registered!!

Do you know how long that would have taken me messaging people one-on-one or going to networking events?

This way is so much easier to reach people around the world!

You too can have thousands of people at an event where you add tons of value, help them see what solutions are available to them, and then invite them to get the best offer by working with you.

If you are a coach, expert, networker, or speaker (or would like to be one without 10 years of trying to set up a website), then this system is especially helpful for you.

When you have systems helping you work smart and grow your business like I do with digital assets, then you are in a position to grow consistently while also being present as you do what you love.

Imagine enjoying your time with your clients knowing more clients are on their way.

It’s exciting to turn your dreams into a reality but there are times where it feels like a pipe dream.

If you want bigger results in your business right now you have two options:

  1. increase your frequency of sales. So if you sell something for $97, you will make a lot of more money if you generate a ton more sales OR
  2. increase the value of what you offer. Think about it… You can make 100 sales of a $97 or 2 sales of a $5,000 product

Either way, you need to increase your sales, get in front of your ideal clients, and lead them to take action.

Doing so can feel tricky if you are not used to developing a stable business that brings in consistent sales. Whether you decide it is a better fit for you to sell a low ticket item or a high ticket item, you still need a strategy to make it happen.

Therefore, if you want to grow your business without being salesy, sharing tacky promotions that don’t feel aligned with your brand, or burning out, then it’s time to build your business with digital assets.

Digital assets allow me to sell while I am sleeping, keep me from slashing prices or being pushy, and allow me to build a list that is social media proof (so my business can grow even if I don’t post online).

The details of it all are a bit complicated to share them all here and a bullet list wouldn’t serve you. (gotta keep it real)

This is something you want to pay attention to and thoughtfully consider so that you can make the right changes for your business.

If you are ready to grow your business without burning out or chasing down clients, then this is for you.

Get the support you need so that you can start working with your ideal clients and making sales in your sleep ASAP.

“My philosophy is that not only are you responsible for your life, but doing the best at this moment puts you in the best place for the next moment.” ~Oprah Winfrey

Imagine learning in one day what would otherwise take you years to figure out on your own!

By working with me you will learn all about how to:

  • Sell E-Courses Online to customers worldwide
  • Develop digital assets that sell your programs for you
  • Build a Community/List using Facebook
  • Host Webinars like a pro thanks to my easy-to-follow system
  • Attract your ideal clients who inspire you to jump out of bed in the morning
  • Boost your confidence in selling so that you can focus on serving
  • Grow your email marketing and automated systems so that you know how to make sales in your sleep
  • Master advanced strategies so that you can attract your ideal customers & sell e-courses in your sleep

Finally, a one-on-one coaching program that will teach you both how to create & sell your products & services so that you can add value to your marketplace and make an income with your advice, training, and information, on any topic whatsoever, online.

Get the free training here:

free online training with Ilean HarrisRemember..

You can have it all.

And you can have it now!

This blog post was all about the most profitable digital products.