As usual, Facebook is keeping us on our toes by implementing new changes.

You might be tempted to sigh or pout because of the new changes but they are fantastic!
No matter what we say about Facebook, they are the #1 platform in the world to reach your ideal audience and engage with them directly.
So what changed?
Facebook is now taking into account how long someone looks at your posts, even if they do not like or comment on what you shared.
What does this mean for you?
Facebook is carefully watching how relevant what you post to your audience is and how much time they spend looking at it.
As we all know by now, Facebook shows what you post to less than 5% of your followers & friends.
Therefore, as a savvy business-owner you should strive to post things as relevant as possible in order to increase your organic reach.
Doing so will increase how many people you reach in a day, decrease your advertising costs, and provide you with more opportunities to engage with your ideal customers.
Isn’t that great?
Here are some tips for using the new Facebook changes to your advantage:
  1. Only share things that are relevant to your ideal audience. For instance, if you are a health coach and people like learning how to lose weight, political posts and rants about who is running for president may not be appropriate. It doesn’t mean that your opinion does not matter. It only means that it is not relevant to this audience and will cost you a lot of sales due to a lack of engagement on social media.
  2. Consistently post on social media. Remember that less than 5% of your audience sees what you post. Assuming that posting once a day is enough will only make you look uninterested to your audience and irrelevant to Facebook. Most entrepreneurs have a diverse audience that lives in various time zones. Post accordingly and do your best to engage your entire audience. My audience represents 40+ countries. I am not on social media the entire day but I do my best to plan accordingly and spread out my posts so that everyone has a chance to engage.
  3. Be yourself. The world is full of generic news articles, summaries, and copycats. Being yourself might seem scary. You might be tempted to “be” just like everyone because you see that they are successful. I encourage you to remember that the original is always worth more than the copy. By being yourself you can have success because they world needs what only you can offer.
What now?
Write a list of the top 10 questions your customers tend to have.
Then find creative ways to consistently answer them on social media.