Living abroad forces you to reflect on your life and priorities. It forces you to introspect and think about things that you would otherwise ignore or take for granted. After only living in the Dominican Republic for about 2 weeks I was able to realize 10 wonderful things that may have otherwise been misunderstood or ignored. Here it goes…

1. Beach bums do not live on the beach. At a distance, you may think that a lot of those who enjoy the beach do so because of a lack of funds. Much to my surprise, everyone at the beach is quite successful and ambitious. They have earned the opportunity to live at the beach. They are either investors or business owners that have leveraged the internet to live the life they love.

Thus, it has been so refreshing to get to know people with similar mindsets. I have gained a lot of valuable insight and motivation from all of the entrepreneurs that come across our path here. They are creative and think outside the box in almost everything they do. It’s partly why they live in the Dominican Republic and partly why they have been so successful.

2. You can live anywhere and still serve others everywhere. As you may already know, because you are reading this blog from another country, the internet allows for continuous communication between anyone sharing something and anyone else willing to listen. If you know how to successfully market yourself and your business online, you are free to design your life as you wish. Although it confuses me, not everyone wants to live on the beach. The internet is more than just a way to live on a beach. Knowing how to use the #1 tool in the world properly can extend your influence and help you serve people from around the world!

I knew I had done something right when I opened an email from a prospect in Chile and made a sale in Peru. I knew the systems were working when I was on a webinar training people from all over the world while enjoying the ocean breeze in a small town in the Dominican Republic. I am not on vacation while living on the beach thanks to the leverage I get with my online marketing.

3. Less people keep up with the Kardashians than you think. It has been absolutely refreshing to talk to people that have taken the time to do something other than follow what other people are doing. What do I mean by that? I have had more meaningful conversations about politics, travel, community service, diversity, business, religion, etc in less than 2 weeks in a small town than I did the past 2 years in the US. It reminded me of my college days!

Why? Because there are less distractions. The beach is so nice that by the time you get home you are either working on your business or want to sleep. Everyone I speak to is seasons behind on their favorite shows. I guess living your life by design leaves little room for the need of constant entertainment or distractions. I’m not against watching TV or taking a mental break- as long as that is the best use of your time and helps you achieve your goals.

4. The more “connected” you are, the less real connections you make. I love social media and the internet. I love text messaging. I absolutely love email. However, on all of those platforms what is easy to make is also easy to lose. It’s a little hard to build lasting relationships without creating lasting memories together. That is why I love it here! There are so many people from all around the world and they each have the most amazing stories.

The stories range from crazy adventures to strategic business plans. What I love more is hearing them straight from the source. Times like these I have to remember that you do not have to travel very far to come across great people. Talk to the guests at your church, go to networking events, strike a conversation with a stranger, etc. Great people are all around you, just show them you are interested and they will tell you their story.

5. You do not need a gym to be healthy. So many people dread going to the gym or use the lack of as an excuse to be unhealthy. I get it, life happens. Living abroad has reminded me of all the little things I used to do that were unhealthy. Some were out of necessity at times and others were just bad habits. For instance, we used to drive to get our food. Doesn’t sound too bad right?

Now that we walk more, have water sports, and are not driving a car we have made major changes. For instance, we now buy fresh produce from local farmers to support their businesses. Guess what? I could have done that in the US too! It’s funny how a little time away from your routine can change so much. If you are trying to get healthy, find small ways to change your routines to get in the habit of breaking your habits. Even if at first it simply means parking your car the furthest away from the store to walk a little extra.

Ready for Part 2? Good because I will post it tomorrow. 🙂

God bless!


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