This post is all about 5 Effective Strategies for Dealing with Haters as an Entrepreneur: A Guide to Handling Negative Feedback.

5 Effective Strategies for Dealing with Haters as an Entrepreneur: A Guide to Handling Negative Feedback

As an entrepreneur, it’s inevitable that you will encounter haters – people who criticize or belittle your ideas, products, or business. It can be tough to deal with these negative comments and attitudes, but it’s important to remember that haters are a natural part of the entrepreneurial journey. In this blog post, we’ll explore some strategies for dealing with haters in a healthy and productive way.

  1. Don’t take it personally. It can be easy to take negative comments personally, especially when they’re directed at something you’ve poured your heart and soul into. But try to remember that haters often have their own personal issues and agendas, and their comments may have little to do with you or your business.

  2. Don’t engage with haters. It can be tempting to try to defend yourself or argue with a hater, but this is usually a waste of time and energy. The best thing you can do is to ignore the hater and move on.

  3. Don’t let haters define you. It’s important to remember that haters are just a small fraction of your audience. Don’t let their negativity define how you see yourself or your business. Instead, focus on the positive feedback and support you receive from the majority of your customers and fans.

  4. Use haters as a learning opportunity. While it’s important not to take haters too seriously, you can still learn from their criticism. Take a step back and objectively evaluate whether there is any truth to their comments. If there is, consider using their feedback as an opportunity to improve your business.

  5. Seek support from friends and mentors. Dealing with haters can be tough, and it’s important to have a supportive network of friends and mentors to turn to when you’re feeling down. Talk to people you trust about your experiences with haters and seek their advice and encouragement.

Just because you didn’t see it, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

You didn’t see the exhaustion when I was in school and working on my business as well. You just see the MBA.

You didn’t see the dry and bruised knees from praying so much. You just see the blessing.

You didn’t see my working and praying on my father’s death bed while he was losing his battle to lung cancer and while there where people in business actively making my life a living hell during this time. You just saw the nice memories posted on social media.

You didn’t see me privately smile and politely greet in my home the very people that said my business would never take off or that I didn’t deserve to succeed. And when I did, how they complained that I didn’t struggle enough for what I had. Instead you saw me focus on my clients and help people build successful businesses in 20+ countries in Spanish & English without making it about me.

You didn’t see me crying when a business partner chose to bully me day and night anytime someone said they got value from what I said or even said good morning to me because of her deep insecurities. You have no idea how much hate she had or the baseless rumors she spread. All you saw was me staying positive in public, hoping it was just a phase and focusing on our customers who needed the best from us.

You didn’t see me showing up no matter, working with discipline and no motivation at times, making sacrifices to get to the next level while people were celebrating my tears privately, nor did you see me quietly sit while people ignored me in a meeting and waited until a MAN repeated exactly what I said.

You missed that part because you were focused on what I was focusing on…..light and not darkness.

You saw a non-profit get started.

You saw women become financially independent with transformational trainings I created and launched.

You saw me practice what I preach and focus on opportunities and not what small-minded bullies thought was possible.

You saw me lose weight from stress overtaking my body no matter how I ate.

You saw me smile when people wanted me to hide under the covers and never come up under the belief that me dimming my light would make them shine more.

You saw me practice daily gratitude when others just wanted to distract me with their fear mongering.

You saw me focus on faith over fear every time someone went out of their way to belittled my work and dreams.

Everyone faces challenges but not everyone decides to overcome them.

You can make that decision today.

I do it daily even if you don’t see me share about it.

I decide daily to make my brand, my content, my thoughts, my focus, and my energy focus on solutions and not endless problems. I made a decision a long time ago that I would not let people control my day with their rudeness, passive aggressiveness (they call this “feedback”), attitude, or trauma.

Don’t let people with small minds limit you from you big goals.

You can get through whatever you are going through.

Pushing through is NOT faking it till you make it. It is part of making it.

You got this.

We are all in this together.

You can have it all-even if the very people in your life don’t see it, the reality is still there for you to accept.

As you can see I know from experience what it is like to achieve goals without all the support in the world.

But today, you have a chance to get the support you need and I am here to help you like I have helped people around the world, just like you turn their passions into profits.

If you are ready to have it all thanks to a business that supports your dream lifestyle, here is the support system you have been looking for.

Instead of worrying about having what people think or having a big budget- focus on having the right strategy.

Bigger budgets do not guarantee success.

People are not looking for bells and whistles.

Your ideal clients need solutions to problems and not you being a perfectionist over what to launch and when.

You can promote your business for free online or for as little as $5 a day. If it doesn’t work for free or at $5 a day, it won’t work on $100 a day.

But what if what you are doing is not getting you the results or scale that you desire no matter how much you invest?

After working with clients in 20+ countries and in over 100 niches, I can confidently say that I know what all successful funnels have in common when it comes to making sales online and I want to make sure you have those same components working in your business too.

You see…

At a glance, your funnel might seem like it is following all of the rules…

It might look great.

It might be on brand.

It might be your best one yet.

But if it is not converting into sales, it is time we look under the hood and see what is going on.

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You can have it all and you can have it now.

In conclusion, dealing with haters is an unfortunate but inevitable part of being an entrepreneur.

By following these strategies, you can learn to handle negative comments in a healthy and productive way, and use them as an opportunity to grow and improve your business.

This post was all about 5 Effective Strategies for Dealing with Haters as an Entrepreneur: A Guide to Handling Negative Feedback.