ilean harris

How I almost lost everything when I moved to the beach

Some things are easier said than written for me. That is why I am sharing with you, in a very vulnerable video, what happened! Specifically….. How I almost lost everything when I moved to the beach and what I did to turn things around for my business. Watch it now: Fast-forward to today, you can […]

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Ethically Copy Me!

Ethically copy what’s working for me in my business! You’ve gotten “here” by doing something. That’s awesome. But if you want to go to the next level, you will need to spruce up your strategy. That’s right. A better strategy (not 40 hours of more work a week) will help you build a scalable business. […]

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6 Authentic Ways to Attract Clients Online

Are you tired of chasing clients online? Oh good! Here’s some news that will bring you relief…. Your ideal clients don’t want to be chased. They would rather just have someone help them deal with their challenges quickly and efficiently. That’s where you come in with your awesomeness and your great coaching/consulting package. But how […]

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