Recently a colleague asked me what my 10 year goal was and asked me to really dig deep about what I wanted.

Right before I opened my mouth to say what it was she asked me another question.

A shocking question…

What if you could achieve your 10 year goal in the next 6 months?

Why not?

What is holding you back?

I was shaken…in a good way.

It made me think about success differently and with a new and definite purpose.

Not shockingly, I didn’t just think about my own success. I was thinking about those around me.

It made total sense to me! I’ve had clients who had no idea what an online business consisted of that went on to quit their soul-sucking jobs and are now full-time entrepreneurs.

All because of the right commitment and training.

Then I’ve had others who already had a head start but needed that special GPS to take them exactly where they wanted to go (instead of getting lost on their own) who are just crushing it.

So it got me thinking!

You see….

I’ve had the privilege to coach people in over 20 countries one-on-one on how to grow their online business.

That doesn’t even include the hundreds that have gone through to complete my self-study online training programs.

So it isn’t surprising to me that I got a little curious and decided to research what made the most successful ones win the biggest.

If everyone got the same information from the same coach, why did some crush it beyond their expectations?

I didn’t want to find out just for my sake- I wanted to tell other students so that they could also make the needed changes to win beyond their wildest expectations.

As entrepreneurs we all know the power of consistency but it’s not always clear what to be consistent with.

So in the search of what to do as a daily habit, they get sick with a pesky little disease called the shiny object syndrome.

It makes them jump around from strategy to strategy and ultimately end up duct taping it altogether trying to make something work- after all they put all that time and money into it right?

Eventually they stop and look at that duct tape starting to peel off and they watch everything fall apart while others seem to be winning without much struggle.

It almost seems that those winning are simply ……..dare I say it?…… LUCKY.

Can you relate?

I’m here to clarify that my most successful students are not merely lucky entrepreneurs who hit the jackpot.

They have it no easier than you and they don’t have a magic wand you can get your hands on.

So after hours and hours of research, here is what I found that my most successful students do differently:

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They open 100% of my emails

More importantly, I found that it’s deeper than what happens in my emails. It’s about the habit of being coachable and willing to get help.

Here’s what I mean…

Ever get advice and then find yourself saying… yeah yeah…I know… time and time again?

Don’t want to hit you with a bucket of ice cold water too soon but that is one of the top symptoms of someone who is not coachable.

People who do not want to engage with their coaches and trainers beyond the “bare minimum required” will struggle to have great aha moments triggered by content or stay motivated because they shy away from staying plugged into a system built for their success.

They show up to all of my webinars

My most successful students don’t just want to learn from what I say, they learn from what I do.

They show up because I model success for them during the webinar and after the webinar.

They see someone they respect actually practice what they preach.

Instead of getting desensitized to what they know, they remember that these are real strategies that work and they show up to increase both their competence and confidence.

It’s hard to neglect your business when you keep your belief high and focus on what works right?

They participate in our Facebook group (The Digital Asset Incubator)

My most successful students get the power of community and plugging into a positive one.

They are not just there to get value but to also add value when possible.

They are never too proud to ask a question or too lazy to answer one of a fellow student.

Makes sense why their generosity is often rewarded with so much success right?

Want to join us? Do so here.

They ask real questions- not what ifs

During my research I reviewed the emails I get from my students- all of them.

The ones that are winning big focus on questions related to what outcomes they want.

The rest want to analyze every scenario and focus on the what ifs.

The what if rabbit hole is deep, dark, and endless. You won’t find any clarity there.

Instead focus on how to achieve your goals- that’s it. Not what ifs about it.

They help others

It’s no secret that we attract what we are- not what we want. In my personal experience, if there is something I’m not getting it’s because there is something I’m not giving.

Looks like the same applies to my students.

The more value they add, the more people respond to their brand and messaging.

They take action with what I coach and train them on

We all get a lot of information- all the time.

It can be exhausting!

So I totally understand the need to stop for a moment and digest what you learned and figure out if it applies to you.

But in my opinion, if you already decided you were going to learn from someone, why not go all in?

My most successful students take action on what they learn. They respect their time and work to fill their calendars with the income-producing activities they learned to master.

It’s ok to ask questions and want to learn more.

But you don’t have to know everything before you do something.

Go out there and take action with what you know right now.

In due time you will learn more.

Think about it this way, imagine if you expected a child to know how to write a dissertation the day before they entered kindergarten?

Can you see how maybe you are being too hard on yourself if you are not taking action?

They work on their mindset as much as they do the business

Small businesses do not need to have a small mindset.

Your success will never surpass your personal development and my most successful students know that.

The hardest work you will ever do as an entrepreneur is internal.

It won’t be your brand. It won’t be Facebook ads. It won’t be getting fancy speaking engagements around the world.

The hardest thing you will ever do as an entrepreneur is look in the mirror, take responsibility for your future, and admit you need to grow as a person.

Whether it’s reading books, being coachable, attending seminars, showing up on time, or learning from their mistakes- people who work on their mindsets are inevitably also working on their success.

It won’t look like on it the outside but you are making tremendous leaps towards your goals when you work on yourself.

Just remember one thing…..

The combination of these habits is what I found to make them high performers.

Makes sense right?

Let me clear.

I’m not claiming that you can only learn from me or that I’m the only coach out there. That’s silly.

However, there is power is committing to learning from a source that works for you.

Think about…

Imagine getting one half of the recipe from a vegan chef and the second half of the recipe from a butcher.

Could you see the conflict?

I bet they are both great at what they do!

But with only half the recipe from totally different approaches, you will NOT get what either of them get when they use their entire recipe.

When I looked at it that way, I also found that my most successful clients also valued their lifestyle- not just their business.

They listened to my training because they knew it would lead to shorter work days, less stress, and more confidence in their strategy.

So whether you are trying to get better results or you want your clients to get better results, don’t stop at the how.

Inspire your clients with the why so that they know the purpose behind what you are recommending.

Lastly, lead by example. When my clients see me helping people and showing a balance between inviting people to join my programs and selflessly helping others it’s easier for them to adopt an abundance mindset.

You can’t expect results by writing out 100 affirmations and then being stingy in your business and life.

Instead, act daily with attitude of gratitude. Not only will you feel so much better but those around you will find it contagious.

I hope this inspires you to go all in with your goals, be coachable, help others with 100% commitment, and reach your goals sooner than not.


You can have it all!