Ever wonder any of the following…..?

Who am I to create an e-course?

-Do I need to be certified?

-What if I know what I’m talking about but I’m brand new online?

-Will people buy from me even if I’m not the most well-known expert on my topic?

-Would someone pay me for knowledge I know like the back of my hand? Doesn’t everyone know about this “stuff” like I do?

Here’s how I know you have wondered any one of these things at any point…

Those were all things I wondered before I created my very first e-course!

Seems like yesterday when I kept trying to help people without charging for my knowledge.

You see, along with my hubby, over time we had generated over $6 million in sales and a lot of people were wondering how the heck we did it.

Matthew and Ilean Harris
I know that a lot of people have had similar results or even 100 times more.

What made us special was that we built our businesses using Facebook.

People were tired of going door to door selling things, chasing down their friends and family, and trying to convince others to buy from them.

They were hungry to learn how to sellout their programs and find their ideal customers without having to beg or waste time with not-so-ideal customers.

But I made the mistake of taking for granted what I knew.

Sounds crazy huh?

You would think that our training resulting in millions in sales would be enough to give me the confidence of a little dog (the ones that bark at the really big dogs).

I kept waiting for others who had “more” results than I did (aka more Facebook likes or more money) to take the lead and take on the responsibility of teaching others what they knew.

I waited so much, people were starting to think that I didn’t want to help them.

Even more embarrassing, I waited for my husband to create a program to teach others instead of me. I

convinced myself that I was better at being supportive and behind-the-scenes.

Thankfully, I finally got it together.

And by “it” I mean that I finally gave myself permission to be an expert.

Ilean Harris, founder of the Lady Boss Academy

I stopped wasting time looking for excuses, waiting for the right amount of “likes” on Facebook, and trying to recruit a replacement expert who might be more fit to help others than me.

I stepped up to the plate, created my first e-course, and waited for thousands of people to take my website by storm.

It was so amazing! I was ready to help millions of people with my message, strategies, and proven techniques.

But all I heard were the sweet sound of crickets.

Disappointing huh?

All that drama, butterflies in my stomach, and anxiety that led to me finally step up my game and share my message with the world.

The good news is the story doesn’t end there.

Not surprisingly, creating an e-course alone is not enough to get your message out.

You have to take your program and let people know about it- the right way.

That is why I will never forget my first sale.

I was cooking some dinner when I heard a notification from my phone. I thought surely I was added to some group text but instead it turned out to be a payment notification.

Recharging my batteries before crushing my goals #ladyboss

Someone from Peru had bought my course!!

I’ve been to Peru but I didn’t promote my course while I was there. Primarily because it didn’t exist then.

That meant my sales strategy worked!

Boy did I dance. I had to celebrate.

So glad my husband did not record my celebration. Let’s just say it involved my sliding up and down wood floors in my socks.

Here’s the reality of the situation.

Most people are not worried about how the market is doing or how fancy their slides have to be in an e-course.

Most people are worried about being good enough and not failing.

I’m so glad I got over that.

That one sale in Peru turned into sales in 20+ countries…while I sleep.

My husband I have lived in the Dominican Republic, enjoyed cruises, traveled to Asia, explored some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and pretty much live in a new city every year.

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You really can live anywhere in the world and build a business around your passions.
You really can live anywhere in the world and build a business around your passions.

You can too!

But having an idea or a desire to share your message with the world, create an info product, or want to work while you travel is not enough.

You’ve got to do something about it.

So I’m going to show you how!

After overcoming my fears and creating my first e-course, not only have I been able to get paid over and over again for work I did years ago but I have made a serious difference in people’s lives.

Thanks to my program entrepreneurs have qualified for their company cars, earned thousands of dollars in bonuses, tripled the size of their sales teams, and overcome their crippling fears.

One of my students started out as an exhausted lady boss who just want to make enough to cut back hours at her traditional business.

After going through my program in just 6 months she earned an $80,000 bonus, got a new car from her company, bought her dream house, spends more time with her family, and has added more employees to her spa.

Imagine if I had decided to wait for someone else to create the content and share it with the world.

Would my student be making an average of $16,000- $20,000 a month- in addition to her traditional business?

I doubt it.

The reality is that there is tons of training out there for her to chose from.

She did not have to learn from me. But she resonated with my teaching style, values, commitment to success, integrity, and personal story.

She chose me as her teacher.

In fact, she had tried learning from other gurus out there and the concepts were just not resonating with her.

Helping others isn’t just about content, it’s also about style.

People deserve to get to know the real you.

Stop letting these blind spots hold you back from achieving the success you desire.

 You’ve got an amazing message.

Share it with the world.

But don’t waste anymore time trying to figure it all out on your own.

Do you want to learn how to create the freedom you have always desired by creating a successful online business?

If so, I’ve got great news for you! The Lady Boss Academy is coming soon!!

In my signature program, you will learn how to create and sell e-courses so that you can travel the world and live your dreams.

In this program you will learn how to leverage your expertise without any techie overwhelm or confusion- even if you are starting from scratch.

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