It is so easy to fall into the trap of being really busy and showing everyone how hard you work.

But we both know that is not the key to success.

Constantly staying busy without seeing results is the equivalent of waking up and driving everyday without any idea of how far away your destination is.

You need direction.

You need focus.

Not surprisingly, we live in a time when it is more tempting than ever to focus on something that won’t render half the results you want it to.

Perhaps you have spent valuable time in networking events swapping business cards or you have invested endless hours perfecting the color scheme for some branded quotes and haven’t seen the return on it yet.

Before I show you how to work smart and get more results in less time, let’s be clear about something.

I’m not down on hard work. We both know I’ve worked really hard to get to where I am today- customers in 20+ countries, dream coaching clients, international speaking engagements, and a lifestyle most people only dream of.

However, my philosophy is if you are going to work- do so intelligently so that you can spend as much time as you can on the things that matter.

If that sounds good to you and you don’t like wasting time on tasks that won’t help you or your audience, here are some amazing insights on how to boost your productivity:

#1 Look at your numbers.
Some people post online ALL day long. That’s pretty great that you are so committed. But why not look at your analytics and see what times are the most popular? Why not generate more content that your audience craves? Don’t be stubborn in business and try and force something. Stop and listen to your customers, they will tell you exactly what works and what doesn’t very quickly. This step is typically missed by people that don’t take time to work ON their business and are too busy working IN it. Stop, reflect, assess, and improve as much as possible.

#2 Have a clear goal.

Some people drive around all day long because they have NO destination. They are simply hoping to stumble into something they like or see if they get lucky. That’s not going to help you or your audience. Decide how you want to live and what your business needs to do in order to achieve that goal. Don’t complicate it for yourself. Even if your goals scare you (as any good goal should), commit to them and see your focus intensify in the process. Clarity in your goals will help you develop a specific marketing plan. If you don’t know how to do so, click here and watch this free training now.

#3 Have clear target audience.

You need to narrow down who you are going to serve. Think about it this way. Would you like to go to a store that wasn’t organized into sections (women’s clothing, men’s shoes, children’s toys, etc)? NO! It would take you days to find what you needed and would ultimately make you love the competing store across the street (that is organized even more). Trying to be everything to everyone is not only foolish in business but it’s arrogant. Select a starting point. You can always expand later. Having clarity on this will help you with your messaging, targeting in advertising, and content creation.

#4 Leverage your time via savvy tools

In business there are a lot of tools you can use. You can use the phone to make several calls or you can host a webinar to thousands of people at once. I bet you see where I am going with this. Use the tools that will help you reach as many people as possible in the shortest period of time. I would much rather host a webinar and sell to 100 people in a hour conversation (note that means I got like 800 or 900 “maybe’s or no’s) than calling each one individually and giving those presentations one on one. Use tools that will help you add value to more people, faster.

We all have the same 24 hours in a day. The rich, the poor, and the excited about life!

So why not use them in a way that still allows you to add tons of value to people while also building your dream business?

I’d like to help you master these steps in a powerful and impactful way.

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