After creating multiple digital courses and helping my clients do so as well, I can’t help but love digital courses!!

Digital courses have allowed me to spend the summer in the Dominican Republic while growing my business, gain clients from over 15 countries, and have a growing following representing over 40 countries.

It’s not hard to see why I am so passionate about digital courses. The benefits are endless!

Not surprisingly, others have tried to gain the same freedom by creating digital courses but have failed.

They spend a significant amount of time and energy creating courses that do not give them the freedom they were so anxiously awaiting.

If this is you, don’t give up.

You can always change your approach, create a successful strategy, or seek out help from an expert to get the results you want.

Most advice is easier said than done. Isn’t that so true?

But don’t worry, I am going to help you avoid the top mistakes experts make creating a digital course so that you can successfully carry on with your entrepreneurial journey.

#1. Know your ideal customer better than they know themselves.

I get goosebumps when I see entrepreneurs with the BEST intentions create a digital course that people do not want to buy.

You must remember that your opinions are not market realities.

It is important that before you begin creating a course that you know who it is for, what their needs are, and how what you have to offer will provide that for them.

If you cannot explain those key points to yourself, then you will not be able to articulate that to a customer.

While most people blame their lack of success on their price points, advertising budget, or small list size, I know that a lack of knowledge of your target audience can destroy your business before it even takes off.

Imagine selling the world’s best beef to vegetarians.

How do you think that conversation will go? Do you think they will be receptive to changing their eating habits? I doubt it.

You must know your customer before you develop a digital course.

A great way to measure what your ideal customer wants is by research which leads us to:

#2. 80% of the work is research.

While most people think that the key to success is a major ad budget or a large database/ email list, it is quite different.

The key to successfully selling digital courses is to know your market!

You must have a clear understanding of what is already available for sale in your market, why it is selling, who your customer is, what they want, etc.

Without knowing what is available, you will be ill equipped to offer a unique proposition or justify your prices.

The reality is that the more you learn, the more you earn.

Therefore, survey your ideal customer, learn from your competitors, and create something that is both unique and useful to those you serve.

#3. Have a strategy to sell your course.

Once you create your course, do not be the best kept secret!

You must set goals and then figure out a way to make them a reality.

Creating your course is only the beginning.

Think about it. If you sell ONE digital course a day for $197 (for an average of 30 days) that is $5,910 a month.

That’s right. Almost $6,000 a month for work you did previously.

It’s not a myth or a theory. I have digital courses that I created years ago still selling today.

That’s what I like to call leverage.

Overall, find your ideal customer, research what they need/want, create a digital course, and then sell it like a boss.

Until next time,

Ilean Harris

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