Happy Monday!

With only 10 days until the new year (woohoo), it’s time to hustle and make your dreams come true.

While many people want to live a life of freedom and inspiration, they worry about how long it will take to build a successful business.

No one likes to spend time on things that will not get them the results they desire.

Therefore, instead of focusing on activities that will keep you busy and away from your family, you must focus on the strategies that work.

Here’s what works:

My signature 5 step process to making sales in your sleep is a simple, results-driven recipe to success!

Step 1: Build your website/brand
Step 2: Drive traffic to your site
Step 3: Build your list
Step 4: Sell your products/services
Step 5: Automate your systems

Let’s be honest.

Your dreams don’t work unless you do.

Although this process is simple and can be completely life altering (hello it changed my life), it’s not magic.

You have to be laser focused and implement the strategies that work. Anything less will leave you exhausted, discouraged, and running in the opposite direction of your ideal clients.

I don’t want that to happen to you. That’s why I’m sharing the top ways to manage your time so that you build your dreams in 90 days or less.

Here is a sample timeline of what you can accomplish in 90 days with my support:

Screenshot 2015-12-21 12.26.30

Get the support you need so that you can start working with your ideal clients and making sales in your sleep ASAP.

“My philosophy is that not only are you responsible for your life, but doing the best at this moment puts you in the best place for the next moment.” ~Oprah Winfrey

Imagine learning in one day what would otherwise take you years to figure out on your own!

I have 3 more spots available in my coaching program before my prices nearly double after Dec. 31st.

By joining you will learn all about how to:

  • Sell E-Courses Online to customers worldwide
  • Build a Community/List using Facebook
  • Host Webinars like a pro thanks to my easy-to-follow system
  • Attract your ideal clients who inspire you to jump out of bed in the morning
  • Boost your confidence in selling so that you can focus on serving
  • Grow your email marketing and automated systems so that you know how to make sales in your sleep
  • Master advanced strategies so that you can attract your ideal customers & sell e-courses in your sleep

Finally, a one-on-one coaching program that will teach you both how to create & sell your products & services so that you can add value to your marketplace and make an income with your advice, training, and information, on any topic whatsoever, online.

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You can count on a coaching experience that goes beyond information to help you experience a transformation in your business!

Isn’t that the most valuable thing you can experience right now?

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You deserve to own your schedule, be free to travel, and be inspired to help others in a way that only you can.

Let me show you how.

Remember you can have it all.

Your favorite lady boss,






P.S. I’m opening up my schedule to work one-on-one with entrepreneurs who want to make more sales without being salesy or burning out.

Entrepreneurs who join my VIP Online Boss program can expect to walk away with:

-Your online business built. You will have the systems and structures in place to make as many sales as you wish while you travel the world.
-A webinar presentation that is so good, you will want to join your own programs (e-courses and/or coaching) and you will know how to sell without being salesy.
-The confidence that your business is built so that you can get back to doing what you love and spending time growing your business (rather than desperately trying to start it).
Clarity on your brand and message so that you can attract the right clients and stand out online (even if you are brand new).
Email copy & a sales page that is so good, you will get rid of the urge to convince others of how good your services are or of your spectacular value.

Special Bonuses (valued at over $20,000) Include:

-Online Training Library- Learn step by step how to build your online business without being a techie person.
-1 night stay at a fabulous resort for your intensive- Get a taste of the amazing life you are about to build with your online business.
-A spectacular working lunch with me- What’s better than practicing what you preach and mixing business with lifestyle.

Time Sensitive:

Time is running out. With only 3 spots left in my coaching program before the prices nearly double on Dec. 31st, the time to act is now.

The next step:

If you are ready to build a business that supports your ideal lifestyle and want to leverage my experience to get the results you want, click here now to apply for free: https://www.ileanharris.com/session

You have two choices. 

You can work hard endlessly or you can work smart and efficiently.

You decide.

Check out what lady bosses have to say about working one-on-one with me:

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“Ilean: I am truly, truly, glad I decided to enroll into your paid coaching session. I had all those ideas in my mind, but I didn’t know how or where to start. You helped me materialized my ideas into goals! Your approach to coaching was not just about professional, but you helped me make the best decisions and adopt the best approaches for my business. Your coaching style really helped me to go into the right direction! You listened to my questions, developed my online marketing plan and provided me with my “Lady Boss Strategy”- You guided me through all the steps needed to success and added value into my business! I value your insight and personal attention. Thanks for demonstrating me your expertise-like a boss!” ~Alexandra

“The professionalism, the care, and the patience that went into what Ilean did for me has been absolutely amazing. Ilean is the ultimate lady boss.” ~Kris

Imagine turning your ideas into a profitable business thanks to the support you will be getting from an award-winning coach.

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