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Top Tips To Get The Most Of Your VIP Intensive

There is nothing more special than having someone with experience and credibility sit down and look at your business without any distractions. That is why I am sharing with you the top 3 tips that my past clients have told me helped them get the most out of the program. Read them and commit to implementing them to maximize your success.

  • Work On Your Wealth Consciousness Daily

    Reading books like Think & Grow Rich & The Science of Getting Rich will push you to say yes to yourself and pursue your goals without any apologies.

  • Do Not Neglect Your Personal Life

    You can have it all and you should start practicing what you believe during the coaching process. Organize your home, clean out your closet, and do anything else you need to in order to create space for success in your life.

  • Take Action As Soon As Possible

    The faster you take action and implement what you learn, the faster you can get results. It can be challenging to do it but that is why you got a coach- for support!

Scheduling Your Intensive

After you complete your welcome packet, you will get an email detailing how to schedule your next appointment. Only after you complete and submit your welcome packet (see above) can you schedule your VIP Intensive.

Don’t miss a single email or event!

One of the best ways to learn is to model success. By plugging in to the emails and webinars promoted on you will get many opportunities to see what you have learned in action. This will help you generate more ideas and continue to sharpen your skills.

Final Success Tips:

  • Don’t be shy

    One-on-one coaching is a private and confidential experience where there is no such thing as a “silly” question. Go ahead and ask for help as needed.

  • Leverage Social Media Wisely

    It’s easy to get distracted on social media. Be sure that when you are on those platforms that you are focused on income-producing activities. It will make you more productive and more impactful.

  • Done is better than perfect

    Don’t wait until you know everything before you do something. Take action as soon as possible and trust the process. Little by little it will all start to come together for you and your goals.

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