It’s no secret that I loooove creating and selling e-courses. Especially those that sell while I sleep!

Knowing that everyone has a purpose in life that they need to fulfill, I get really excited about teaching others how they can turn their advice into a thriving online business.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of common misconceptions that keep people from confidently creating and selling their e-courses to their ideal students.

Have no fear! Your favorite lady boss is here to clear up all of these misunderstandings…aka costly myths.

Let’s dive right in!

Myth #1 You have to know & share everything on a topic to create an e-course.


Experts tend to be pretty generous when it comes to sharing their knowledge with the world. But I have some news for you.

Your ideal students do not want to be experts just like you. Instead, they are focused on overcoming a specific challenge.

Your job is to figure out their #1 problem and then create an online training program to help them overcome that specific issue.

Makes sense right?

If you wanted to learn how to create a wordpress blog, you would find it a bit overwhelming to also learn how to code in the process.

Your customers want help in getting specific results. They are not trying to get a PhD in your area of expertise.

Take a deep breathe. Let all that pressure roll off your shoulder and start creating your e-course today!

Myth #2 You have to completely alter your business model if you sell e-courses.


It’s undeniable that your life will change the instant you create a passive income stream.

I find it hard to ignore that I get paid over and over again for work I did once.

But that doesn’t mean that you cannot be a coach, a speaker, or a seminar leader.

E-courses do not have to be your primary business model or sole income source.

Think about it.

E-courses can either augment your current income or completely replace it. The important thing to know is that you are fully in control.

Take an hour today and decide what type of business model you would like to create.

Here’s a sneak peek at mine: 80% e-course sales & 20% coaching/retreats/speaking engagements.

No matter what structure you choose for your business, remember to build one that supports your ideal lifestyle!

Myth #3 You have to be a technology guru to create and sell e-courses around the world.


Let me share a little secret with you…technology and I are like oil and water. We do not mix!

Yet, I still make sales in 20+ countries and work with my dream clients.

So what’s my secret.

I use the best (and most user-friendly tools) known to man.

Just think about it for a second. We can email people from our phones.

Why couldn’t you share an online class just as easily.

If you can plug in a microphone into your laptop (just like you plug in your phone to charge) and click and drag, you will get along just fine with the tools I use.

What a relief to know these are all myths right?

People need exactly what you have to offer. Don’t let these common misconceptions hold you back.

Get your content out there and share it with the world today!

You can have it all.


P.S. Many entrepreneurs are struggling to find their ideal customers & clients online because they don’t know how to turn their advice into a thriving business.

Here’s the thing…..

After building an email list of 39,000+ people representing 40+ countries and making sales in my sleep, I can confidently say that…..

I can help!

Check out what Helena had to say about learning how to turn her advice into a business:

I went for a meeting and felt so scared to say the price afraid they would not want to coach with me. And then I remembered you and all the things you always say and after I said it “$3000”, the lady was like “ok. No problem!!!” I feel so good and so thankful for all I have learned from you! Then she went home and her husband wants to coach too. I did both for $4500 as they will share the same weekly coaching session. Thank you so much for all you do!

Everyone is on their own journey and everyone gets different results based on their efforts.

But if others did it, why can’t you?

A lack of knowledge can cost you time, money, and a lot of energy into something that doesn’t work.

If you’re ready to get my help in building your online business apply here now.