I love Fridays because it’s a great time to finish the week strong and complete any remaining tasks that will help me achieve my goals.
Unfortunately, most people look forward to Fridays because they are ready to stop working and relax during the weekend.
There is nothing wrong with a little reward after working hard but I’m more focused on the fact that you should enjoy the rest of your week as well- not only the breaks on the weekend.
One of the biggest obstacles that people tend to experience in their success isprocrastination.
Procrastination will keep you away from your dreams and in time will kill them.
Do you want to achieve your goals or do you want to stay where you are?
I’m going to assume that by reading this post, you are communicating to me that you are ready to learn how to overcome procrastination so that you can save your dreams from it’s deadly grasp.
Here are the top tips to overcome procrastination so that you can get more done without dragging your feet:
  1. Set clear goals for your week. Don’t simply say that you will write your book. Set a goal to write a chapter, an outline, or at least the title on a post-it note.
  2. Work with a coach to get a clear strategy on how to achieve your goals. We hate ambiguity on a physiological level. By working with a coach you will avoid the anxiety that comes with not knowing what your journey looks like.
  3. Set an alarm for your most important tasks. You know the ones I’m referring to…the ones that will make or break your project. Go above and beyond to accomplish these tasks and you will benefit from the relief of getting it done and not having the weight on your shoulders anymore.
  4. Sleep. Eat. Laugh. Love. Walk. In other words, live your life. If you secretly believe that achieving your dreams is going to be a nightmare you will avoid them consistently. The instant you realize that achieving your goals will only enhance your life- you will kick some procrastination butt.
After working with entrepreneurs from around the world, I find that they dislike wasting their time.
Doing things that they are not confident will work.
You don’t want to take time away from your family, kids, friends, or current clients to do things that will not get you to where you want to go.
So you procrastinate.
You think you are being responsible. You think that you are being patient about achieving success.
Deep down inside you know that you should be taking more action, showing up more, and learning whatever you need to in order to achieve your goals.
But where you do begin?
Why are you stuck and how do get the results you want?
There’s only one way to find out what’s holding you back and what to do about it.

Let’s talk.

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It’s your turn to win and get the right strategy for your goals so that you can start seeing results for all of your hard work.
Sign up now for a 30 minute session with me where we will uncover why you are stuck and how I can help reach your goals with confidence.
You are ready to win and stop letting procrastination hold you back from living your best life.
Leaders are learners.
If you want to be a:
-celebrity in your niche
-a successful business owner
I look forward to seeing you succeed!