My phone was losing battery power by the second, the deadline was approaching, I was hungry, and then it hit me….

This is normal!

Wait what?!

That’s right! Crazy things happen when you are building your dreams.

One of the craziest things that happens that hurts people the most is when others steal their ideas.

Can you relate?

You were so excited. You bought the domain name. You even told your closest friends you were going to do it.

And then the unthinkable happens.

Someone else does what you wanted to do!!

How frustrating!!!

Yet…still normal.

Hang in there! I’ll explain.

Ilean Harris Fall In DC

While looking in my closet I noticed the different brands that I buy bags from.

Whether it’s a Louis Vuitton or a bag that has no label at all, some look identical and serve the exact same purpose.

So why stay in business if other people have the same idea?

Because you were meant to.

Pretty simple huh?

Let’s not complicate this.

There will be people who are inspired just like you are. 

If they directly copy you-shame on them. If they didn’t, you just found out that you were on the same page and came up with a similar idea.

Be glad!!

There are so many people out there who need what you have to offer, that there is NO way you could keep up with the demand all by yourself.

Do you think Tony Robbins is mad that I’m in business?

Absolutely not!

There is no way he could travel how he does and meet with my clients and create my e-courses and host my masterminds and… 

You get it right?

Do not let someone else’s inspiration lead to your desperation.

Get your ideas out there and share them with the world.

Yes, it can be scary. Yes, it can be upsetting when you feel robbed of your moment to do something so unique.

But the reality is that being the best version of you will always be better than any one idea you have!

Look at Oprah. 

Do you think she is the only one with a magazine? TV show? Sponsorships?

She’s not.

Yet, she’s the only Oprah. 

Get over whatever has been holding you back from being yourself- being your own Oprah.

You have an e-course in you. 

Everyone does. 

Are you ready to show the world how much you care by creating and selling e-courses in your sleep? 

Let’s throw the lame excuse out the window that you can no longer do something because someone else did.

Instead, be productive with your creativity and learn the best ways to get your message out there so that you don’t blend in with the masses.

Learn to stand out and sell out!

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This is not some random call to action. 

Consider this your call to greatness.

Not just because you are working with someone that has gotten phenomenal results, but because your decision to work on yourself will empower you to reveal yourself as a leader in your industry.

If you have goals that are that deeply important to you and you can’t let another year go by where you are just slamming doors because someone else beat you to it, apply now and get the process started to reveal your greatness to the world.

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As the days pass you can be closer to your goals or you can be further away from them.

In life, by not deciding you are deciding. 

What will you do?

Start deciding to go for your dreams and do so within your power.

It is your right to be the best version of yourself- to have it all.

More than creating an online business- join this crusade to reveal your greatness to the world and more importantly to yourself.

I look forward to learning what you want to share with the world!