Have you noticed that the top gurus promote programs that are geared towards the 90 day mark?

90 day challenge
90 days to a new you
90 days to……

In fact, Fast Company stated that 90 days goals are better than year-long ones.

Here’s why….

When you do not have a definite deadline, you fail to set a goal.

Without a goal, it’s very difficult to create a plan to achieve it.

Without a plan to execute, you simply wander around aimlessly wondering why you’ve joined so many programs and have not seen any results yet.Ouch! Just the thought of that happening gives me goosebumps.

What has it cost you not to have a plan to create awesome programs, build your list, and make sales in your sleep?

Time? Money? Trips? Happy memories with dream clients? Peace of mind?

It’s critical that you have a plan to execute in a timely manner so that you can get back to doing what you love and growing your business- not just building something that never comes together for decades to come.

Of all the topics I want to teach on, you can see why it was so important to show you the 12 steps to creating passive residual income in just 90 days.

Here are the same 12 steps that I have used to help me sell e-courses in 20+ countries, build my list with thousands of subscribers, and make sales in my sleep.
You’ll want to write these down:
  1. Zone in on your expertise, strengths, and passions
  2. Master the mindset of a successful entrepreneur
  3. Conduct market research
  4. Test your ideas
  5. Establish a brand that positions you as an expert
  6. Create your products & services
  7. Create a highly converting sales page to take a payment
  8. Develop an online presentation
  9. Promote your webinar & build your list
  10. Write a compelling email follow up campaign
  11. Put all the pieces together
  12. Automate the process

Let’s face it…

Some things are easier said than done.

Perhaps you don’t know what to sell, how to drive traffic, how to build your brand, how to get more followers, or how to position yourself as the expert in your field.

As a result you keep spinning your wheels without seeing the results you want.

If that sounds like you, I can help.

Building the business of your dreams doesn’t have to feel like a nightmare.

Let’s be honest with each other.

To earn passive income, you cannot be a passive entrepreneur.

Get the training you need so that you can move forward with your goals and finally stop wasting time wondering where you are going wrong.

Stop hiding from your calling to help others while living a great lifestyle.

Think about it.

Where will you be in a month if you keep doing what you are doing?

Where will you be in 6 months if you do nothing at all?

Pretty scary huh?

Don’t worry anymore.
The Lady Boss Academy is coming soon!

In the Lady Boss Academy you will have a step by step training where I will teach you how to create the results you need in order to have more freedom, make more sales, and build an online brand like a boss.

If you are an expert, a committed entrepreneur, a coach, an online marketer, a mompreneur, and/or a seminar leader with a product to create (and even sell), I invite you to join the wait list here.
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Here’s what our alum have to say about the Lady Boss Academy
I LOVE the Lady Boss Academy SO MUCH!!! To me, it fills in all the gaps that other programs like this don’t have. Just listening to Ilean’s encouraging voice makes me feel like everything is possible. Worth every penny and MORE. As I work with more moms, I will definitely recommend this academy to them.” ~Helena
OMG your program is working like no other! After getting 100 new leads the first 15 minutes of posting on Facebook, 3 new clients (one is in the Cayman Islands), and getting ready to launch my course by the end of the month- I’m in shock. Not only did I earn back my investment in under 3 weeks, but I made a profit on top of it. You can do anything you put your mind to.” ~ Courtney

Ilean you’re so great! Every day I make money in my online business and it’s because of you!” ~Jaden“I began working with Ilean recently and have been nothing but pleased. Her LadyBoss Academy modules are first rate. Clearly laid out, well organized, with Ilean walking you through step by step the necessary process to succeed, her enthusiasm and passion are contagious. Working at my own pace, without pressure, and also with support, the challenge of developing your own ecourse is so not daunting! If you desire to learn from one of the best, Ilean’s Academy is for you. Highly recommended!” ~MaryAnn