This post is all about business ideas for women.

Having a business idea is one thing but having a business idea that you can monetize quickly is another.

As an entrepreneur with a decade of experience and customers in 20+ countries I can tell you that following your passions is so much more fun when you have the resources to make it happen.

Perhaps you have dreams of working on major real estate developments or launching a chain of hotels.

I sincerely love ideas like that! But they take funding, experience, time, team members, leadership, and more!

So instead of telling you what so many (men in particular) have told me and ask you to be realistic or some other silly thing, I am going to help you find your path.

Whether your goal is to visit the moon or stay home with your dogs or kids, you have to start where you are.

A great place to start thinking about business ideas that will work now is by leveraging your knowledge.

No one can take your experience from you and thanks to living in the information age, you can increase your knowledge faster in a week than I used to in college over an entire semester.

So keep those dreams and big ideas alive by developing skills like sales, fundraising, leadership, marketing, and more now.

These ideas that I am sharing with you have made me 6+ figures and some even 7 figures in sales a year before. 

They have allowed me to travel the world with my husband for the last decade, live in different countries, and make memories that will last for a lifetime.

They have their ups and downs and these business ideas for women also take work. Do not expect them to work overnight simply because you uploaded a website.

But no matter what, they worked and these business ideas for women changed my life!

You see….

The average millionaire has about 7 streams of income but I wanted to share these 3 business ideas in particular with you because they are great for women (huge demand in the market), you can get paid your worth without the drama of corporate), and they can be accomplished from wherever. 

When you start winning in those areas and develop amazing skills along the way, you are sooo much closer to going for your biggest dreams!

Use these business ideas for women as an amazing foundation for you to start generating a significant income online, create the freedom you desire, develop the skills you need, and pursue your passions.

Let’s dive right in!

Business Idea For Women #1- Coaching

I have to admit that I just love coaching, the industry, my clients, the lifestyle, and so much more!

It is so easy for me to recommend coaching as a business idea for women!

You can help others with what you know, charge your worth, and have amazing results without millions of clients.

Let’s face it. Being a coach isn’t like a corporate job where you can get by with an average performance.

People need the best from you- inspiration, high energy, and lots of expertise to help them solve their problem.

So when you don’t make any sales you assume the problem is with your services or that you have too little testimonials.

As a result, you start giving away your services for free or at a discount.

Doing so makes you feel like you got scammed out of your own value and then makes it even harder for you to charge others your full price because you will feel even worse about it.

I’ve got great news for you!

Your ideal clients exist. They are willing to pay your worth. And you will 10x your happiness when you work with them.

But finding them isn’t magic nor is it luck. It’s all about your strategy.

Copy my strategy here that I share with you in this free training!

Business Idea For Women #2- E-courses

We are all limited by 24 hours in a day and must leverage the power of e-courses to have work we did once, pay us over and over again.

When you are not stressing about income, exhaustion, or meeting your basic needs your outlook on life, lifestyle, and ability to serve as a business owner is radically transformed for the better.

Creating an information product can be done in many ways:


-pre-paid masterclass

-video series

-group training calls

-audio program

-video program

-zoom calls

-sales funnels

-and so much more!

If you are starting out, just like coaching, ecourses are unique in how you can charge.

You do not need to charge based on how long you have been in business or how many years you have been teaching. 

(Please always be honest with your customers so they can make the best buying decision with all the facts)

Instead, what you charge is based on the value of the result that you are helping people achieve.

Pricing matters.

Charging too little might imply that it has low value. Imagine finding a Gucci purse for $2 at the store. You might assume it is a fake!

Charging too much might price out your ideal clients or make you look inexperienced and out of touch. Imagine being charged $400 for a plastic straw at a fast food restaurant. 

That is where research comes in.

See what others with your skills are charging then also consider how your program is better or helps people get results faster.

All of those factors matter and should be looked at carefully.

Is making sales in your sleep an urban legend? Is the market saturated with e-courses?

The information business is a multi-billion dollar industry that welcomes people no matter what their area of expertise. As long as people are hungry for information, they will be on the internet. 

Last time I checked, Facebook was boasting 1 billion+ active monthly users who love to devour their content.

Yes, others have come before you and sold e-courses. Perhaps they have even sold them in a topic that interests you. 

That only means that people are willing to pay for the content, not that the market is saturated. Yaay!

Are you ready to change your life and turn your dreams into a reality?

If so, it’s time you learn how to make $100,000+ a year by turning your advice into a successful online business.

Whether you want to make an extra $1k or $10k a month, it is time you packaged up your knowledge into amazing ecourses so that you can help people around the world and earn over and over again with work you did once!

Learn more about building multiple streams of income here:

Business Idea For Women #3- Network Marketing 

I am a huge fan of network marketing. The business model is one of the best and was practically designed for women to win.

Essentially you partner with a company to promote their products or services.

Instead of the company investing in advertising or deals with celebrities, they will pay you a commission every single time you make a sale.

Later on the leverage increases as you find others that not only want to be a customer but also want to make a commission when they refer other customers.

As you build your network marketing team, you now earn a percentage of their sales as well.

A lot of people love this model but tend to cringe at the idea of trying to recruit or be salesy.

That is why I say- just don’t.

That is what is amazing about network marketing. You can earn by simply having customers or by recruiting (and of course by doing both). To start, do what feels best for you and your family.

Only join companies or partner with brands that you would genuinely market even if it was for free.

That will make it so much easier for you to recruit others, attract customers, and organically share about your offer just like you would about a movie that had you crying in laughter.

Network marketing typically pays weekly or bi-weekly so not only do you not need a huge investment to get started, but you can start seeing a return quickly.

It must be clarified that this is not an investment opportunity. You must do your part, develop skills, and keep sharing given that you get paid for results.

The training culture in the industry is my favorite. Usually people are fighting over the top spots but here for you to win, you usually  have to help others win.

That incentivizes people from day 1 to help you, guide you, and be available to support you!

I love this model so much and my husband and I Ioved our experience as distributors so much that we started our own company. 

We train others how to get started, have epic incentives, created the most generous compensation plan in the industry, and made it accessible to people in over 100 countries so that everyone can easily grow their business on social media.

If you want to check out the details, watch this video here:


You can have it all and you can have it now!

If you need any help, feel free to reach out for support!

This post was all about business ideas for women.