Ever wonder how to turn your idea into a successful online business?

I remember when I first started. I not only had an idea I wanted to turn into an online business- I had 10.

They were all “good”.

But not all of them were meant to be businesses.

Some, I decided, were better enjoyed by me as hobbies (maybe another day we will laugh together about the mess I created when trying to be a beauty blogger).

So what helped me succeed and get clients in 20+ countries without any TV appearances or major influencers promoting me?

I took action!

I failed more than most people tried.

You see….

“Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.” -Will Rogers

Something for everyone to think about.

Many times you’re not doing anything wrong.

The only reason you haven’t seen the success you want is because you are taking your sweet time to do what you must.

Maybe you’ve done it….

-You host a webinar once a year…

-You email your list once a year….

-You go to a seminar once a decade…

-You assume that you’ve read the book just because you bought it or read a summary….

-You roll your eyes when successful people tell you what to do and you sit there like an impossible to please skeptic… hoping to hear something new so you can buy a new program that will guarantee your success.

Here are your options:

You can sit back and dabble in what you need to do or you can win.

Here’s why….

Success is all or nothing.

Think about it this way.

If you were to buy food and let it sit there for years, the ingredients would obviously go bad when you neglect to cook them or preserve them.

Don’t think your website, programs, or gifts won’t need some restoring after you’ve neglected them.

Where do you begin in order to create a 6 figure business and a great lifestyle?

You have to first define what a “great lifestyle” means to you and why you want to make six figures.

Business has to be profitable for it to keep working but you can’t make it all about the money.

In other words, money is just a transactional tool because in today’s world we don’t accept goats or crates of apples in exchange for our services.

I know it may sound like a silly example and you obviously weren’t looking to attract 6 figures worth of goats to you but some people make such a big deal about the money that they forget to just run a business.

Next, you’ve got to clarify what success means to you.

I live in Miami Beach and my office faces a gorgeous marina with a skyline view of downtown Miami.

Not surprisingly, that is not everyone’s dream.

For some people, living in a condo would be a nightmare and the lack of closet space would make them super stressed.

Why do I mention this?

Because I don’t want you to waste another second comparing yourself to others online or assuming that you haven’t achieved anything because your Instagram feed doesn’t look like someone else’s.

Whether living in the middle of a corn field or spending 6 months out of the year in Dubai is for you, then more power to you.

Now that those foundational pieces have been discussed, let’s dive in to my favorite part- building an online business!

Wouldn’t it be great if clients were hunting you down, ready & willing to work with you?


I’ve seen lots of talented coaches go far too long without filling up their programs because they do not know how to market their services properly.

It is your job to get your message to your customers and let them know who you are.

One of the first steps to getting more clients is to STOP getting in your own way by:

  • Undercharging (They will wonder what is it so inexpensive and doubt your skills)
  • Undervaluing your time (not showing up for yourself and stepping up your game)
  • Lack of clarity (if you market to everyone you market to no one)
  • Lack of structure (pitching random programs on strategy calls hoping you close anyone on anything)
  • Overworking (Running a business in a way that is guaranteed to burn you out)

You can’t go right if you keep turning left.

It’s time that you break through and learn exactly how to crush it online so that you can grow your dream business.

But rather than burning out, it’s much more fun when you have automated systems in place to help you promote your business so that you can get back to what you are good at and live a life you love.

Automated systems are the #1 way to have clients chasing you!

So here’s your challenge for today:

Watch the mini bootcamp to get your mindset and strategy back into shape here.


You can have it all.