howtosellwithwebinarsOne of my favorite ways to increase my online sales, grow my e-mail list, and connect with my audience is via webinars/ online workshops.

Webinars allow you to present to people without the inconvenience of travel because your audience can watch you from anywhere.

Webinars are simple to set up, inexpensive, and are the perfect opportunity to add value to your audience before asking for anything in return. 

I find it very important to build relationships with people and increase trust before looking to sell them anything.

Whether I am selling a $97 product or a high-end coaching program, I find that people value having an opportunity to hear your story, gain insights from your experience, and the chance to ask you questions live. 

Webinars give you the freedom to design your life and work from wherever. 

I remember hosting webinars to people from all over the world from the Dominican Republic. It was amazing how I was able to serve people while living my dream of traveling around the world. 

If you are not using webinars to grow your list you must start NOW.

Webinars will:

  • Expand your influence
  • Increase your sales
  • Build relationships with your audience
  • Build your email list

Unfortunately, some people struggle with successfully hosting webinars that build their brand and increase sales.

Perhaps you have hosted webinars before but you have not seen great results from your efforts. 

I used to be one of those people who struggled with my first webinar. 

After a successful Facebook ad campaign, I had almost 400 people registered for my first webinar. 

I was so excited! I thought it was my perfect chance to sell a lot of product and make a lot of money.

Well…..I only sold one course. I couldn’t believe it!

I was still profitable because I had made more than what I had spent on my Facebook ads. But I knew that I needed more people to buy my course.

My course could help change their lives. It wasn’t just about increasing sales, it was about spreading my message in the world  in order to positively change lives.

I had such great attendance rates, people were engaged all the way to the end of the webinar.

Everyone gave me such great feedback about the content but demonstrated little to no interest in buying. 

What went wrong?

Why didn’t people buy from me?

I wasn’t looking to be the most popular kid on the block. I wanted to be profitable!

I sat back and looked at my presentation. 

That is when I realized I that I had to create a webinar that helped my customer understand why they needed to buy rather than creating a webinar to show them what to buy.

Let me be real with you here. 

I was adding a lot of value but I was not building the case for why someone should buy from me. 

I then changed my presentations to fit my strategy that allowed me to both add tremendous value to my audience and help them see why they needed to buy from me. 

I can show you how to do the same.

Thanks to my strategy, my webinars are now converting at 20%.

That means that 20% of people who see my webinar/online workshop make a purchase.

In my opinion, the most fulfilling part is seeing both people who bought and those who didn’t message me with excitement because of all the value they received. 

I have been able to teach my clients the same strategies that I have used to successfully promote my online business so that they too can make sales online via webinars.

I can help you use webinars to increase your email list, establish trust with others, and increase your sales by using my simple and easy to follow system. 

Instead of writing a 200 page blog post, I thought it would be easier to let you see me in action. 

I practice what I preach. 

That is why I would like to invite you to learn all about selling with webinars. 

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If you are looking to learn how to sell with webinars and are committed to serving your audience you have to watch this online workshop.

On this FREE webinar you will learn:

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Plus, I will throw in all the juicy details of how I went from zero to hero by using my webinar strategy that can help you increase your sales. 

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Your favorite lady boss, 

Ilean Harris