Did you know?….

The top reason people state makes them feel stuck and like they can’t accomplish their dreams is that they cannot scale their businesses due to a lack of time and/or money.

Let me be clear.

You either have too many clients and have no time to take on more OR you don’t have any clients coming in which makes the idea of scaling your business sounds silly to you now.

Both are problems that you must fix immediately if you are serious about having the freedom to work whenever you please and from wherever.

The #1 solution to your time and money problem is monetizing your knowledge via e-courses.

By turning what you know into e-courses you can expect to:
-get paid over and over again for work you did once
-scale your business quickly because you are not trading time for money
-be more selective about what clients you work with
-travel for a living while making sales in your sleep
-help more people faster than ever before thanks to the power of the internet
-become a celebrity in your niche by positioning yourself as an expert
-feel satisfaction in making the world a better place with your solutions

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What’s not to love?

Well I can think of a few things that people who are not making sales in their sleep mention:
-a lack of knowledge on how to price their courses
-worrying what it takes to be an expert and create a course
-fear of the technical side of the business
-anxiety that no one will pay for information they can simply get after reading 200 books at the library 😉
-lack of knowledge on how to build their lists & brand

Venturing into the unknown can be scary and mortifying, especially if you have big goals and little to no clue as to how to make them happen.

Thankfully, you’ve got somebody that can help you with that- me!

I’ve cracked the code to building a successful online business which has helped me to have customers in 20+ countries, make sales in my sleep, travel the world with my husband, get international speaking engagements, work with my dream clients, and wake up to a life that most people dream of.

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If you are serious about creating a business that gives you the freedom to live from anywhere you want and aren’t going to allow your fears to hold you back any longer-this video training is for you!

You know in your heart why you should be sharing your message with the world and why you need more time to pursue your dreams.

Now, let me show what to do about it.

It’s time that you use your energy to boost your competence rather than solely allowing your fears to crush your confidence.

In this video training you will learn:

  • How to figure out what your digital info product should be about
  • How to price your courses to sell
  • How to build a list/community
    • AKA the strategies I used to build my list to over 30k subscribers
  • How to sell while traveling the world
  • How to attract your ideal clients that are ready to work with you
    • Ninja strategies to give you a competitive edge

Watch it now >>>

I don’t know about you but one of the reasons I fell in love with online businesses is that for me to have success I must help others.

What’s better than a win-win scenario?

A win-win scenario where you make sales in your sleep!

You can help people with the solutions you offer via e-courses while also living your dream lifestyle.

Hope is not a strategy! It’s time for real change in your life.

I didn’t get to live in the Dominican Republic while doubling my sales or move to my dream condo by wishing for it.

You must blend your passion and creativity with business structures that work in order to succeed.

However, passive income is not for passive entrepreneurs. You must take action FAST if you want great results for your business and your life.

Are you ready for some clarity on how to turn your expertise into a thriving business?

If you are committed to contributing great content and helping others via the $100 billion e-learning industry by creating and selling your own e-courses, here’s how I can help…

I’m opening up my schedule to speak with entrepreneurs who are committed to scaling their online businesses and their lifestyles.

By applying for a complimentary strategy session you will get:
-a full 30 minute conversation on Skype to determine what your goals are and what has been holding you back from achieving them
-learn all about how my program works and how it can help you specifically
-benefit from the live interaction which will give you a sense if this is a good fit for you

This is for you if you want:
-to learn how experts monetize their content online, build a major fan base, & generate tons of passive residual income from automated campaigns
-tech support to build your online business successfully
-1 on 1 review of your marketing materials
-successful sales funnel strategies to have a consistent flow of clients
-top tools and resources to create & launch your programs in 90 days

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Act fast to enjoy: leverage, passive residual income, and the fabulous lifestyle you desire.

You can have it all- no go for it without excuses.