7 Essentials Areas To Map Out & Plan for Your Own Business Success (for 2022)

This post is all about the 7 Essentials Areas To Map Out & Plan for Your Own Business

The new year is a perfect time to recharge your batteries, work towards new and inspired goals, and create a great plan for your business. So let’s dive right in!

1.Set EPIC goals for your own business

Setting goals for your own business can be daunting when you are wondering what is possible or aren’t sure what you can achieve. This is something that impacts both new and seasoned business owners.

That is why I recommend you set E.P.I.C. goals for your own business.

E: Exciting

If your goals don’t excite you, well good luck with any type of business training for your own business.

Set goals that scare you and inspire you. That’s right! If they don’t scare you, odds are you are not thinking big enough.

At the same time, if they don’t also inspire you then it will be 100 times harder for you to take action because you might not care as much.

Completing this part of the journey will require you to think big, be honest with yourself about what you actually want, push yourself outside of your comfort zone, and take the leap whether you are excited, afraid, or both.

P: Productive

I have set a lot of goals in my business but before I took action, I had to prioritize them. This is uncomfortable at first because it forces you to start thinking like a business owner and not like someone who is just romantically following their dreams.

Let me give you an example from my own business.

When I first started my online business, I had a ton of ideas of what I could do for marketing campaigns, social media posts, and collaborations.

The reality was that I first needed some sort of product or service and I also needed to prioritize my time since I was also going to school to work on my MBA at the time.

My heart wanted fun photo shoots and to work on having the most perfect business website ever. (This is the part where you cue all the Pinterest boards and violins)

However, my goals had to also be productive and help me achieve my overall goal.

So I first committed to learning how to create digital products and how to promote them on auto-pilot so that I could complete my MBA without burning out.

Not only did I achieve my business goal but I also completed my MBA.

Funny enough, (because I had focused and prioritized what goals I was going to work on) the freedom the income and automation I had created provided me also gave me the freedom to work on my website, have fun photoshoots, accept speaking engagements in different countries, and eventually even start our own non-profit.

A little discipline and focus on the front-end will give you endless freedom on the back-end for your own business.

I: Imperative

Just like the productive part of your goals, imperative actions will also help you prioritize your time as things come up.

I say this with love but you have to work smart and stop wasting your time on “important things” that don’t matter.

This is critical for those who are perfectionists to remember!

You will spend years taking courses or listening to videos trying to master something before you take action.

You can earn while you learn!

It is essential that the goals you focus on are organized in a way that help you build your skills, achieve your goals, and grow your online brand/your own business.

Do what others won’t now so you can live like others can’t later on.

C: Certain

You must bring a level of certainty to the table as a business owner.

Your confidence will many times be more important than your competence in business.

Why? Because you can always hire out people to help support you in your areas of weakness but you can’t make people believe in something that you don’t even believe in.

It is not always easy to feel certain when things aren’t going right or you are brand new as a business owner.

However, you can find people who have paved the way for you and achieved the success that you would like to achieve so that you can learn from them.

You already started by reading this and plugging into my regular free trainings that I promote to my email list. Here is one you can check out now:

free online training with Ilean HarrisThankfully, we are alive in the best time in history to be an entrepreneur and you can learn so much from others in any area of business.

I love getting inspiration from documentaries, biographies, podcasts, live events, and so much more!

Don’t work so much on your business that you forget the most important part of your business- you!

2.Develop and plan a product that can help others achieve their goals

Jim Rohn taught us that if you want something, then the key is to help enough people get what they want.

When thinking about mapping out success for your own business success, it can be tempting to get so good at your own goals that you forget about others in the process.

Think about it this way…

If you sell hammers to achieve your dream of traveling the world, the last thing you should tell anyone is that they should buy from you because you want to travel the world.

Funny thing is that people don’t even want a hammer.

Instead of wanting a hammer, they want a hole, decorating, building something, etc.

Focus on what they want (benefits) and watch them be so excited about what you sell (features) aka hammers.

Developing a product can feel daunting when you are wanting to achieve a goal quickly.

But remember, a product is just a way to help someone achieve their own goals.

3.Strategize how to launch your product to the world

Yes.. yes…

If you are new or have a small following online, thinking about launching your product to the world can feel like a bit much.

But thankfully you are not launching to everyone- just the people that need what you have to offer.

There are many ways to promote your products:

-free online workshop

-launching with affiliates

-promotions by partnering with influencers

-social media posts

-Facebook groups

-Pinterest marketing

-Tik tok



-and more!

You don’t have to do everything but you must be clear on what you will accomplish to promote/launch and when so that you don’t paralysis analysis.

4.Build a brand that helps people know, like, and trust you

The more people know, like, and trust you, the more confident you will feel and the more sales you will attract.

Sadly, this is not that easy to communicate in just one social media post.

It requires you to open up more about yourself or your products, share your vision, and be a leader in your niche.

Add value, help people, give tips, answer questions, and more to show people with your support (not just a degree on the wall) that you are there to help.

A great tip for this is to plan to write blog posts on the top 10 most frequently asked questions you get or give unique value on social media.

5.Map out multiple streams of income

Too many people put too much weight on how one product can do and not enough on how much a brand can accomplish.

Imagine a business that you love but only has one way to work with them.

You will still love them but you can only engage with them in one way.

That is great for a HUGE business or an influencer with a HUGE following to go deep with one product or offering.

However, for those with smaller audiences and a broad range of interests, they can go deep with an interest/niche but go wide with an offering.

This way you can obsess over your customer and constantly come up with ways to help them rather than always feeling overwhelmed to just get a brand new customer.

Look at my business, I help people turn their expertise and interests into an online business.

To help them achieve that goal I offer, 1 on 1 coaching, group coaching, retreats, speaking, consulting, digital products, and more.

Not only does one person have multiple ways to work with me but I can meet people where they are as they learn about my business and we decide it is a good fit to work together.

I didn’t create all of this at once but I did plan for it. I was intentional and had a business plan beyond my current week’s to do list. You should too.

You don’t have to create multiple streams of income in a day but as you plan for your own business, you can have an idea of where you are headed and what your priorities are.

Doing so will help you accept the right opportunities that are aligned with your business success and decline the wrong ones.

6.Organize your systems so you can promote your multiple streams of income while you sleep

I see a lot of people plan how they are going to make money but I don’t see enough plan how they are going to scale their business.

Small business owners do not need to have a small mindset.

You can start small and think big.

It is crucial that you plan to grow and to scale.

This is the difference between owning a business that you can grow or sell one day vs being self-employed and limiting your success to your work hours.

If you want a business that grows while you sleep, you need to make a plan on how that is going to happen.

The way I do this is that I map out all of the digital assets that I am going to create, I am clear on how I am going to promote them, and then I scale/automate.

I show you how to do it here in my free training, check it out.

free online training with Ilean Harris

7.Plan your work and work your plan

At the end of the day, you don’t get results for what you want to do or how you feel.

You get results for what you did.

If there is something you absolutely hate to do (for me it is usually tech related), learn it anyways. Once you know enough so your business is never fully in the hands of one team member should they quit or have an emergency, then hire it out.

Unless it requires medical school or something unreasonable, I take the time to learn about it. Even as it relates to legal topics, I read and take classes despite having a robust a legal team.

Learn, hire out, take action, and more so that your plan can turn into appointments in your calendar and completed tasks.

You are in charge of your own success and no one is responsible for it but you.

Take ownership of your goals and remember you can have it all and you can have it now.