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How to bounce back after failure

I’m going to let you in on a little secret… When I was in college I was in a singing group. I know. I know…. That’s crazy! I’m not a singer & I mostly stick to the “song is stuck in my head so let me live in the moment (while I’m in the shower)” […]

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How to overcome the fear of promoting yourself

Do you get freaked out at the idea of promoting yourself in order to grow your online business? Does sharing with people that you actually charge for your experience and expertise stress you out? If so, you are not alone. Not only does it happen to me but it happens all the time to my […]

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Planning your week like a boss ????????

Many people don’t realize that they are indulging in one of the most expensive luxuries of the world. It’s mind-blowing! They consume it, waste it, and give it away without asking for anything in return. It’s pretty scary once you realize how wasteful people are with this amazing luxury that is not available in stores. […]

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